the price of diesel beats its historic record, H24info

the price of diesel beats its historic record, H24info
the price of diesel beats its historic record, H24info

The liter of diesel is sold over 1.53 euros on average in service stations, beating the previous record recorded in October 2018 at the start of the “yellow vests” crisis, the daily notes.

The price at the pump reached 1.5354 euros on average last week, according to data from the Ministry of Ecological Transition published on Monday, it is recalled.

The increase over one year is spectacular (+ 28% for diesel), because it takes as a basis of comparison a period when oil prices had collapsed with the health crisis, specifies the newspaper, adding that the barrel of Brent s ‘has been brutally recaptured since.

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It’s worth over $ 82 since last week, a year-over-year surge of over 100%.

On the gasoline side, inflation is high but the SP 95 did not beat its 2012 record. It is sold on average in France, according to the ministry, at 1.6073 euros per liter against more than 1. 66 for his record.

After having returned to the pre-Covid price level in September, the price of fuel is now approaching its historical records. The price of a full tank has increased from 10 to more than 15 euros in one year, depending on the size of the tank, the media note.

These increases can be explained by the return to growth with strong global demand and a surge in the price of oil.


price diesel beats historic record H24info

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