ALTHEORA: Q3 2021 revenue – Confirmation of solid growth trajectory + 21% over 9 months

ALTHEORA: Q3 2021 revenue – Confirmation of solid growth trajectory + 21% over 9 months
ALTHEORA: Q3 2021 revenue – Confirmation of solid growth trajectory + 21% over 9 months

ALTHEORA: Q3 2021 revenue – Confirmation of solid growth trajectory + 21% over 9 months

14-Oct-2021 / 18:00 CET / CEST
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Mauves, October 14, 2021 6 p.m.

Figure Q3 2021 business

Confirmation of solid growth trajectory

+ 21% over 9 months

In M?

T3 2021

T3 2020


9 months 2021 *

9 months 2020 published *






* Aggregated accounts

The Altheora Group announces today its consolidated sales for the 3rd quarter of fiscal year 2021.

Confirmation of growth momentum

ALTHEORA achieves a turnover of 23.9 M? over the first nine months, i.e. + 21% compared to 2020 and thus regain its pre-crisis level of activity.

Although part of the announced growth trajectory, the level of activity for the 3rd quarter of 2021 is not very comparable with that of 2020, marked by the health crisis and characterized by massive invoicing of inventory items produced in the two previous quarters. .

In the 3rd quarter of 2021, the ple ALTHEORA Composites, a central activity of the Group, is consolidating its performance in the most resilient sectors such as Mobility (+ 38%) and Industry (+ 61%), but has also made strong progress in sectors that have remained discrete until now, with in particular a doubling of the activity’s turnover Sports and leisures (+ 124%) thanks to the dynamism of the swimming pool market. On the other hand, Distribution, the Group’s historical sector directly linked to the still slowed down construction market, for its part experienced a less favorable pace (- 33%).

the ple ALTHEORA Coating, specializing in enamelling and industrial painting, around the MC Coating brand, recorded a turnover of 0.4 M? in the third quarter of 2021.

Full innovation – accelerator of industrial projects – ALTHEORA SHIFT, created in January 2021, has not yet registered any significant activity.

ALTHEORA’s 2020-2026 strategic plan, called Inspire & Lead industrial recovery, sets the Group in an ambitious dynamic. Its internal and external growth strategy, with a turnover target of 100 million? in 2026, positions it as a true captain of industry, leader in its strategic markets.

With an order book that is still as strong as? 10 million, the Group confirms its ambitions around its 2026 plan.

ALTHEORAis a European leader intransformationof materialscomposites. Known since 1934 for its development of specific tools in the construction industry (electricity, gas, telecommunications, water, etc.), the Group has also developed advanced expertise and technologies.for sectors as varied and demanding as the rail industry, aeronautics, automotive, medical, leisure or street furniture, …It also integrates an innovation laboratory to co-develop with its customers new products responding to future issues such as new mobility or the smart city.

ALTHEORA offers 100% integrated solutions, from R&D to production. The Group is backed by the know-how of its employees spread over 4 sites in the Auvergne-Rhne-Alpes region and 1 site in Romania. He now supports more than 500 international clients, and in 2020 received the winner of the best innovation in the Design and Furniture category of the JEC Innovation Awards.

The company is listedsur EURONEXT GROWTH –Code ISIN : FR0000061244 –ALORA

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