Thousands of jobs in short supply: a mystery lodged at the heart of the job market

Recruiters no longer know how to attract candidates they desperately cannot find: the observation of the current mess on the job market never ceases to amaze. How to explain it?

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By Benoît July and Pascal Lorent

Published on 10/16/2021 6:00 AM
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Penurie! Whether it is hospitality, construction or so many other fields where more or less qualified labor is sought, employers are crying out for a lack of manpower. Sometimes to the point of fearing to miss the opportunities of the recovery or the recovery plans.

How to explain what looks like a fiasco in the job market? Are salaries too unattractive, are the disaffection with training courses too deep? Unless the holders of technical skills, plumbers or heating engineers for example, prefer to choose the path of freelance work?

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Thousands jobs short supply mystery lodged heart job market

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