Dana workers call for joint action with John Deere workers

On the eve of the midnight deadline for the strike by 10,100 John Deere workers on Wednesday evening, workers at auto parts maker Dana Cie have expressed support for joint action with workers at the farm equipment maker. The strike deadline was announced by the United Auto Workers (UAW) union last week after Deere workers 90 percent rejected a surrender contract that would have included the elimination of pensions for new employees .

More than a month ago, workers in the Dana auto parts industry in the United States similarly rejected a surrender contract, but the UAW and the United Steelworkers (USW) are keeping workers at bay. working as part of a day-to-day contract extension, 12 hour shifts, seven days a week in many cases. Talks between the unions and Dana’s management have dragged on for weeks, giving the company time to stockpile parts and complete the shift to production of parts for the model’s vehicles. next year.

“I know what you’re going through,” said a regular production worker in Fort Wayne. “The demands are not being met. We need more unity; we must take the fate of the workers into our own hands. We need to let companies know that we are not afraid of them. Dana left the negotiations. You have to be 10 times stronger. Workers at all factories in Dana and Deere must stop production ”.

“I remember PATCO. [Le] entire system needs to be changed from top to bottom. Corruption [dans le syndicat] is ridiculous… it jumps out at you like it’s normal. As long as these officials are licking the company’s boots, we are still being fooled. They have boats and yachts, they are not even workers. They are all for business ”.

“Union officials are like external contractors. Tactics like suppressing votes and other deceptions must stop. Wages haven’t gone up for a decade, but everything else is going up. The amount of bribes is so high that it is impossible to influence the union. ”

“I’m up for the workers to take control of the negotiations [et] get rid of [bureaucrates] trade unions. We must stand in solidarity with other factories in the automotive industry and elsewhere. This will make a statement to businesses. There is an old saying that there is strength in unity, everyone must be united ”.

A worker told World Socialist Web Site»« Stay together. There are more of us than them. We must all stick together. ”

When asked what he thought of the negotiations between Dana and the unions, a worker in Fort Wayne replied, “What negotiations? It’s a joke. A lot of bullshit. We’re supposed to hear about negotiations when the committee comes back on Monday or Tuesday. Honestly, I don’t know what to think until they bring the contract back. They [les Métallos] expect us to sign, honestly? I don’t think it will be better than the last one they brought back ”.

«[Le premier contrat] was definitely crap! ” said another worker. “The only good thing about it was giving everyone the same points system… Everything else was worse.”

She continued, “There are no updates on COVID due to lack of information from the union. No one knows anything about the contract. It is likely that they will try to divide the voting times for the factories. It will be rejected as the Deere contract. Two weeks ago, on Friday, the workers on the third shift didn’t even see the Steelworkers proposal. I am not the only one who is suspicious of the union. I tell everyone to vote no ”.

Dana workers formed the Dana Base Workers Committee (DWRFC) to fight for their own interests. In order to reverse decades of attacks on workers, the DWRFC calls on workers across the auto industry and the international working class to establish lines of communication to fight for a common strategy.

To join the DWRFC, email [email protected] or text (248) 602-0936.

(Article published in English on October 14, 2021)

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