The Radioplayer application takes off in France six months after its launch

The Radioplayer application takes off in France six months after its launch
The Radioplayer application takes off in France six months after its launch

Paris (AFP)

Radioplayer France, a free application bringing together 230 private and public radio stations, confirms its take-off six months after its launch in France, with 250,000 downloads, and sharpens its offer to anchor itself among its users.

“When we make a simple, clear and effective offer, it gives results, rather very good in a fairly short time,” said Jean-Éric Valli, president of Radioplayer, of group 1981 and also of Indés Radios, on Tuesday. at a press conference.

Launched in early April in France by six radio groups (Altice Média, Lagardère News, M6 group radios, Les Indés Radios, NRJ Group and Radio France), Radioplayer has positioned itself as a response to competition from the Internet giants ( voice assistants, connected speakers, podcast applications, etc.) and streaming services (Tune In, Radioline, etc.), by providing access to all of their content on a single free platform.

The Radioplayer network, born in 2012 in the United Kingdom, is currently present in 14 European countries and in Canada.

In six months, the offer of the French application has grown: 230 radios on the platform against 200 initially, 700 webradios instead of 600, and 170,000 podcasts.

To adapt to new consumer trends, the application will soon generalize the possibility of listening in deferred or semi-deferred partner radios, with a “start-over” function that allows you to rewind up to four hours on an antenna, or to resume broadcasting of a program in progress from the beginning. This functionality is already available for radios of the M6 ​​group (RTL, RTL2, Fun Radio).

The redesign of the podcast offer is also underway, in order to facilitate research among the 2,600 series offered, and to adapt the recommendations to the tastes of the French public.

But the major stake of Radioplayer is “to be the new radio button for cars, in particular connected”, explains the group. “One in three French people listens to the radio in the car”, specifies Yann Legarson, Managing Director of Radioplayer France.

This leads the application to integrate with interfaces such as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Android Automotive and to conduct “discussions with all national manufacturers”, adds Mr. Valli.

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