Tesla: insurance billed differently depending on driver behavior

If you drive well, you will pay less. On the other hand, if you drive badly …

For several years, insurance companies have offered preferential rates for those who choose to install a “black box”, a black box which monitors the behavior of drivers via GPS. Elon Musk’s company, however, has decided to go much further by offering its customers insurance based on driver behavior in real time.

Unlike other telematics insurance products, the system designed by Tesla does not require any additional hardware. It uses the vehicle’s sensors to assess a “Safety Score ”, Depending on your actual driving. If you exhibit dangerous behavior your score will decrease, if you are a model driver your score will increase.

The Safety Score uses a scale from 0 to 100.

This score will directly impact the price of the monthly subscription, which will decrease or increase depending on the score. Tesla responds to criticism of this surveillance system by indicating that the company believes that this system is fairer than the factors traditionally taken into account by insurance companies such as age, sex or even the history of accidents.

According to Tesla, drivers with an “average” safety score will be able to save 20 to 40% compared to a traditional insurance contract. For drivers with higher scores, the savings potential can range from 30 to 60%.

Five criteria

The electronics on board Tesla vehicles will make it possible to establish a score based on five parameters: the number of warnings of frontal collisions over 1600 km, hard braking, aggressive bends, safety distances not respected and finally the deactivation of the autopilot, caused by a lack of pilot attention. The details of the calculations of these different values ​​are indicated on the Tesla website.

The offer is already active in Texas and should be tested in several months in other US states. Europe is not yet mentioned, but it is not excluded that the offer ends up reaching us.


Tesla insurance billed differently depending driver behavior

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