Covid-19: slight difference in the number of hospitalized between Pfizer and Moderna –

Covid-19: slight difference in the number of hospitalized between Pfizer and Moderna –
Covid-19: slight difference in the number of hospitalized between Pfizer and Moderna –

More people who received Pfizer’s vaccine were hospitalized in Switzerland compared to those protected by Moderna’s serum. These new data, published Thursday by the FOPH, however, do not allow us to conclude that one protects better than the other against Covid-19.

Pfizer against Moderna: which vaccine is most effective against Covid-19? International studies have followed one another since this summer, giving Moderna a priori a slight advantage. In Switzerland, the Federal Office of Public Health (OFSP) published data on the issue for the first time on Thursday.

Since the end of January, 600 fully vaccinated people have been hospitalized in Switzerland due to Covid-19. Of these, 218 benefited from Pfizer’s vaccine and 162 from Moderna’s. For the remaining 220, the serum used is not indicated.

The difference between the two messenger RNA technologies increases when one takes into account the fact that a larger part of the population has received the Moderna vaccine.

“The first vaccinated, the most fragile, received Pfizer”

Moderna advantage, then? Not that easy.

“The people who were vaccinated first were the oldest and most fragile, and it was mainly Pfizer’s vaccine that was available. These are confounding factors that could make the difference between the two not so large “, explains Claire-Anne Siegrist, vaccinologist at the HUG, questioned by the 7:30 pm of the RTS.

Blaise Genton, chief physician at Unisanté and medical manager of the canton of Vaud vaccination campaign, underlines that “messenger RNA vaccines are very effective against severe Covid, between 85 and 95%. There are small differences which have been found in some studies, but a recent study also shows Pfizer to be very effective. “

Leading the pack

Among the main studies published on the subject, that of the American health authorities suggests that the protection offered by Pfizer’s vaccine against severe forms of Covid-19 decreases over time.

According to the Center for the Prevention and Control of Diseases, its effectiveness rate increases from 91% over the period of 14 to 120 days after the injection to 77% after 120 days. Over the same periods, that of Moderna’s vaccine increased from 93% to 92%.

But both remain largely ahead of other vaccine technologies, including that of Johnson & Johnson (Janssen), administered since this week in Switzerland.

Valentin Tombez, with Estelle Braconnier

Subject developed Thursday evening in the 7:30 p.m. of the RTS


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