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those who do not take their 3rd dose soon deprived of the benefits of the health pass?

Noisy by The chained Duck, Olivier Véran’s idea seems to constitute a real avenue of work. During the health defense council on October 6, the Minister of Health reportedly suggested removing the benefits of the health pass for people over 65 and fragile people who would not undergo a third vaccine injection against Covid-19, seven months after the second.

” It’s in the air ”

« It’s in the air, confirms a government source who was asked if a pressure coup was envisaged. But we would like the Haute Autorité de santé to tell us. »

Because the executive faces a difficulty. Following the recommendations of the High Authority for Health (HAS) at the end of August, the recall campaign for the vaccine against Covid-19 began on September 1, 2021. First addressed to the most vulnerable, it was extended to caregivers and to all relatives of people who have been immunocompromised since October 6.

But, while the epidemic is stalling (despite incidence rates which are on the rise again in the Nord and Pas-de-Calais), the approximately 5.5 million over 65 years and frail people are not not rush to receive a new injection.

A “significant risk of a resumption of the epidemic”

However, according to experts, France could not escape a fifth epidemic wave between November and January. Government spokesman Gabriel Attal spoke at the end of the Council of Ministers on Wednesday a ” significant risk of a resumption of the epidemic
».« It is probable, we recognize in Matignon. What makes it pass like the fourth wave is that our vulnerable people do not lose their antibodies. And so do not flock to the emergency services.

“What makes it pass like the fourth wave is that our vulnerable people don’t lose their antibodies. “

The concern is all the more real as “ the occurrence of an influenza epidemic during the winter season 2021-22 appears likely “, Notes Public Health France in its latest bulletin. And that its impact will depend «

at least in part, of the epidemiological situation of Covid-19


has been broadcast since Wednesday to remind people of the importance of vaccination.

Rely on pharmacists

But the government is also counting on a major development in terms of organization: the possibility for pharmacists to perform injections of all vaccines against Covid-19. ” They have it all, assures Matignon. All logistical issues are resolved. And we could take advantage of a virtuous couple with the flu shot. »

Guest of France Info this Wednesday, Olivier Véran ruled out extending the third dose to the entire population.

The Council of Ministers also adopted the bill extending the state of health emergency until July 31, 2022. The text will be examined on October 19 at first reading in the National Assembly and must imperatively be adopted before the 15th. November, current date of end of application of health texts.

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