Coronavirus: The outbreak of cases in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom worries

The Netherlands recorded the highest number of new cases on Wednesday since July 29. In the United Kingdom, contaminations and deaths are also increasing sharply.

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Published on 10/14/2021 8:51 AM
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AIn the Netherlands, 3,746 new positive cases of covid were recorded by the National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) on Wednesday, the highest number since July 29. A figure that goes almost from single to double compared to last Wednesday, when only 1,909 Covid cases had been recorded.

In addition to the Channel, Great Britain is also facing an outbreak of contaminations. On Wednesday, 42,776 new cases were recorded in 24 hours. A figure at the highest for 3 months, indicates The world.

The consequences of ending restrictions in the UK

Over the last 7 days, the average daily contamination across the Channel is 32,000. Deaths are also increasing, varying between 100 and 150 per day. About 7,000 people are hospitalized and admissions per day approach 700 per day. Although the country’s hospitals are not saturated for the moment, doctors are warning and complaining of additional pressure on the hospital system, underlines Le Monde. Figures caused by the end of health restrictions defended by the British government.

The Netherlands faces a resurgence of the virus

Tuesday, 2,900 positive cases had been recorded, while last week the daily average hovered around 2,800 new infections. However, this average has been steadily increasing for 13 consecutive days. With a 62% increase in the total number of weekly cases, the country also meets its largest increase since July 18.

The RIVM said on Tuesday that these were undoubtedly the first expected effects of the fall. All age groups are affected and the reproduction rate of the virus continues to increase.

The Netherlands also recorded 12 new deaths, the highest number in three weeks. On average, in the past seven days, five people have died from the virus (33 in total).

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