Covid-19: Lozère, it reimposes the mask at school

Covid-19: Lozère, it reimposes the mask at school
Covid-19: Lozère, it reimposes the mask at school

HEALTH MEASURES – While 12 new departments are added this Thursday to the list of those in which schoolchildren can remain uncovered, the prefecture of Lozère for its part announced that wearing a mask was once again compulsory in its schools.

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The department was however one of the first to lift the mask for schoolchildren in October. In recent days, the incidence rate in Lozère has greatly exceeded the threshold of 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, reaching an incidence of 105, according to data dated October 13.

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Covid-19: the challenge of vaccination

Consequently, the department of Occitanie decided to impose again the wearing of the mask in primary school. The prefecture had also already announced at the beginning of the week to reinstate the obligation to wear a mask in establishments open to the public, including those subject to the health pass.

A low vaccination rate compared to the national average

The incidence rate in Lozère is currently the highest in France. However, the hospitalization rate remains low in this small department. In the last ARS newsletter dated October 12, only one hospitalization was recorded in this territory.

According to Mathieu Pardell, director of the ARS d’Occitanie in an interview with Free noon, this increase in the incidence rate should be put into perspective in relation to the demographic situation of the department, which has only 76,000 inhabitants. Each case would then cause a faster rise in epidemic indicators than in other departments.

On October 4, a cluster was detected in one of the elementary schools of the department, in Marjevols, leading to the contamination of 23 people, including two teachers. This would then have caused the spread of the virus in close family spheres. “This outbreak should subside in the coming days”, however, wants to reassure Mathieu Pardell.

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The spread of the virus is all the more rapid as the territory of Lozère has a low vaccination rate, compared to the national rate. Only 66.91% of its population received a first dose, according to data from the Ministry of Health collected by CovidTracker, while 75.7% of French people received the first injection.

The situation continues to improve in the rest of the territory. Twelve new departments were thus authorized to withdraw the wearing of the compulsory mask from Monday: Ain, Ariège, Charente, Cher, Drôme, Gard, Hérault, Moselle, Haut-Rhin , Var, Haute-Vienne and Seine-et-Marne. They are in addition to the 67 others where the measure already applies. Without Lozère now.

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Covid19 Lozère reimposes mask school

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