COVID-19 and NHL: measures that differ

COVID-19 and NHL: measures that differ
COVID-19 and NHL: measures that differ

Of the 32 teams in the National Hockey League, only one can still not present its local games to a full house. Due to restrictions in British Columbia, the Vancouver Canucks are limited to a maximum of 50% of their maximum capacity at Rogers Arena.

Still, the majority of NHL cities impose strict sanitation measures on fans wishing to take part in their favorite team’s games.

Here are the restrictions imposed on all four corners of the Bettman circuit, as of Wednesday.

Buffalo Sabers *

Flames de Calgary

Montreal Canadian

Rangers of New York

Ottawa Senators

Sharks de San Jose

Cracking the Seattle

Maple Leafs de Toronto

Vancouver Canucks

Winnipeg Jets

Ducks d’Anaheim

Bruins de Boston

Blackhawks de Chicago

Oilers d’Edmonton

Kings de Los Angeles

Predators de Nashville

Islanders of New York

St. Louis Blues

Arizona Coyotes

Hurricanes de la Caroline

Avalanche du Colorado

Blue Jackets de Columbus

Stars de Dallas

Red Wings de Detroit

Florida Panthers

Wild du Minnesota

Devils du New Jersey

Philadelphia Flyers

Penguins de Pittsburgh

Lightning of Tampa Bay

Golden Knights de Vegas

Capitals de Washington

* The Sabers will impose this
measurement from October 31st.


COVID19 NHL measures differ

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