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five deaths and 82 new cases

five deaths and 82 new cases
five deaths and 82 new cases

The New Brunswick government announced on Wednesday that five more people had died of COVID-19 in the province. This is the highest number of same-day deaths in NB since the start of the pandemic.

One person aged 60 to 69 in Zone 2 (Saint-Jean), one person aged 50 to 59 and another aged 80 to 89 in Zone 3 (Fredericton area), one person aged 80 at 89 years old in zone 5 (Restigouche), as well as a person aged between 80 and 89 years old in zone 6 (Chaleur / Péninsule acadienne) died.

These deaths bring New Brunswick’s death toll to 80 since the start of the pandemic.

In the past 22 days, COVID-19 has killed as many as 32 in the province, including 21 since the start of October.

Public Health has also announced 82 new cases of COVID-19.

In the past seven days, no fewer than 708 cases of COVID-19 have been identified in the province, up from 653 in the previous seven days (an 8% increase).

Basically, what this means is that despite the obligation to show proof of vaccination in several businesses and services deemed non-essential for a little over three weeks now, the spread of COVID-19 is still far away. to be under control in NB.

The 82 new cases are distributed as follows: 32 in the Moncton region, 18 in Restigouche, 12 in the Fredericton region, nine in Madawaska-Victoria, five in the Saint-Jean region, four in Chaleur / Péninsule acadienne and two in the Greater Miramichi.

Of the new cases, 41 are not doubly vaccinated (50%), 29 are in young people aged 19 or younger, and 61 are under investigation.

The number of active cases now stands at 1,074, down 18 from the previous day.

A month ago, the number of active cases was 279. So it has increased by 285% in the last 30 days.

The Moncton area remains the epicenter of the pandemic with 383 active cases. Follow, in order, the region of Fredericton (233), Madawaska-Victoria (151), Restigouche (129), the region of Saint-Jean (92), Chaleur / Péninsule acadienne (47) and the region of Miramichi (39).

There are now 68 people who are hospitalized in the province due to the coronavirus – a record high. Of these 68 people, 27 are being treated in intensive care.

It should be noted that the number of people hospitalized on Wednesday (68) constitutes nearly 30% of all New Brunswickers who have had to stay in hospital since the start of the pandemic (235).

According to the government, no one under the age of 19 is hospitalized.

Of those hospitalized, 44 are not vaccinated, four are partially vaccinated and 20 are fully vaccinated.

Of the 27 people in the intensive care unit, 21 are not vaccinated, three are partially vaccinated and three are fully vaccinated.

Since September 7, cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in 98 schools and 47 educational daycares.

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