Covid tests become chargeable from Friday

Covid tests become chargeable from Friday
Covid tests become chargeable from Friday

As of October 15, Covid-19 tests will no longer be covered by Social Security for unvaccinated people. A PCR test will cost 43.89 euros and an antigen test between 22 and 45 euros depending on where it is performed.

On October 15, the end of free Covid tests comes into effect. From Friday, unvaccinated French people who do not have a prescription will have to pay to carry out an antigen test or a PCR test and thus obtain the health pass requested to access many places (cinema, train, bar, restaurant, etc.) or required by their profession.

· Who is concerned?

The government has a clear strategy: to encourage the French to be vaccinated, they must be touched in the wallet.

For people vaccinated with or without symptoms, nothing changes. The tests will remain covered by Social Security on presentation of the health pass. But unvaccinated people will now have to pay.

However, the government has provided for some exceptions. The tests will remain free for:

  • minors
  • young people just over 18 who are in high school
  • all unvaccinated adults showing symptoms provided they have a prescription less than 48 hours
  • people identified as contact cases by Health Insurance
  • people with a certificate of reinstatement less than six months old
  • people with a vaccine contraindication or recovery certificate, in the form of a QR-Code (paper or digital, for example via the TousAntiCovid application)

The tests carried out during collective screening organized by regional health agencies or within national education establishments will remain free.

· How much does it cost?

From Friday, it will take pay 43.89 euros for a PCR test carried out in the laboratory.

The price of an antigen test varies depending on where and when it is done. In pharmacies, it will cost 25 euros on weekdays and 30 euros on Sundays. It will be billed 22 euros in the laboratory and 45 euros when performed by a doctor, the cost of the consultation being included in the price.

Table of the price of an antigen test depending on where it is performed. Rates in effect from October 15 © Government

Knowing that the validity of the tests is 72 hours (except for travel), the bill can quickly turn out to be steep. For employees exercising a profession for which the health pass is required, they must perform two tests per week, or eight per month.

By performing only antigenic tests, the monthly budget will amount to 176 or 200 euros depending on the location of the screening (laboratory or pharmacy), and 351.12 euros for PCR tests.

The self-test, carried out in front of a pharmacist, will cost only 5.20 euros. But beware, this screening test will no longer allow you to obtain the health pass as of October 15. Judged less reliable, the self-tests will however remain accessible for individual monitoring.

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