If I organize an event, how can I check the validity of a Covid Safe Ticket?

If I organize an event, how can I check the validity of a Covid Safe Ticket?
If I organize an event, how can I check the validity of a Covid Safe Ticket?

In the Brussels Region, any person over 16 years old must present, from October 15, 2021, a Covid Safe Sicket (CST) to frequent restaurants, bars, sports centers and cultural venues (this list is not exhaustive). The responsibility for controlling the TSA of customers and visitors lies with the operator of the establishment or the organizer of the event. He can (or must) establish the list of persons authorized to carry out this control.

How to control CSTs?

The CST consists of a QR code that is displayed on the customer’s or visitor’s smartphone. To be able to read this QR code, the controlling person must have downloaded the covidscan.be application on a smartphone.

During the control, by scanning the QR code, the person is authorized to cross it with the identity data of the visitor or customer. If the CST is not in order, or if the identity check is refused, the operator or the organizer may prohibit access to his event or his establishment. If necessary, he can call on the police.

Anyone can download and install the CovidScan app, but it will only be useful for facility operators or event organizers and those authorized to control it. No recording of personal data is allowed, only the number of visitors is recorded.

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How to check that the CST is authentic?

On the same smartphone, it is only possible to have one CST, which must be displayed in the CovidSafeBE application. An animated line surrounds the QR code, this certifies that it is not a photo or a screenshot.

What are the penalties provided for in the event of non-compliance with the CST regulations?

  • Visitors risk a fine of 50 to 500 euros
  • The organizers or operators risk a fine of 50 to 2,500 euros.
  • In the event of fraud by a visitor or a customer, it is only the responsibility of the fraudster that is engaged, not that of the operator or organizer. And only the police are empowered to verify that QR codes are checked.

The personnel who carry out the control of CSTs must not carry them. On the other hand, he must wear the mask.


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