The covid safe ticket in force in Wallonia from November 1

The CST will be in force throughout Wallonia, despite the critical opinion of the data protection authority.

The arrival of the covid safe ticket (CST) is becoming clearer in Wallonia, after the adoption at second reading of the preliminary draft decree by the Walloon executive. Its use will be made compulsory for those over 16, from 1is November until January 15, 2022 inclusive, “and this in order to align with the Brussels system”. It will be required in a series of sectors such as dance halls, the horeca, establishments in the cultural, recreational and festive sector bringing together 50 people or more indoors and 200 people or more outdoors, sports centers, fitness centers and indoor sports and more than 200 people outdoors.

Children over 12 must present their CST during a visit to hospitals, nursing homes, residential care facilities for vulnerable people, or during mass events.

“The project does not justify the need for the CST elsewhere than in the province of Liège.”

Data protection authority

Asked about the scope of the draft decree, the data protection authority (APD) remains fairly critical of this implementation and sees it as “a significant interference with the right to privacy”. In an opinion delivered to the Walloon government on October 12, it wonders in particular about “the proportionality of the choice made by the authors of the preliminary draft decree to impose the use of the CST on the whole of the French-speaking territory“, while the Risk Assessment Group (RAG) recommended, at the end of September, its strict use in the province of Liège, but not more widely in the other provinces, except for dancings.” The project does not justify the need of the CST elsewhere than in the province of Liège “, points out the ODA.

Without responding to all the criticisms formulated by the ODA, the Walloon government has nevertheless undertaken to “regularly assess the necessity and proportionality of maintaining the extended obligation of the CST in Wallonia, with regard to the epidemiological situation “.


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