“More than 150 countries have benefited”

“More than 150 countries have benefited from it, from Japan to Turkey, from the United Kingdom to New Zealand, from South Africa to Brazil,” von der Leyen said in a press statement.

Some 87 million doses have been delivered to poor countries or countries in difficulty, through the Covax platform under the aegis of the UN. And the EU will give at least 500 million doses to the most vulnerable countries over the next few months.

“Clearly, the European Union is the biggest exporter of covid-19 vaccines. We have always shared our vaccines fairly with the rest of the world: we have exported as many doses as we have supplied to EU citizens”, notes Ursula von der Leyen, recalling that more than 75% of the adult EU population is now fully vaccinated.

“From the start, we remained open to the world and we continued to export, even when vaccines were scarce at home, because we knew that we would only defeat covid-19 if we fought it everywhere”, insisted the ‘German.

Recalling that the EU and the United States have agreed to achieve a global vaccination rate of 70% by next year, the head of the EU executive urged other countries to redouble their efforts. With Italian head of government Mario Draghi and President Biden, the German will push for the G20 leaders, at the Rome summit next week, to rally to this goal.

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