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Patrice Evra had remarks that reacted to the coronavirus: “It’s not a coincidence”

Invited on BFM TV, Patrice Evra was asked about the health crisis. The ex-professional footballer had words that made Bruce Toussaint react as well as the viewers.

In full promotion for his book, Patrice Evra makes the rounds of television shows. Addressing many subjects such as homosexuality in football, the touching he suffered in his youth and racism, Patrice Evra gave his opinion on the question of the vaccine.

The vaccine ? Everyone is free to do what they want. People should be given the right to do what they want. Nobody knows where the Covid comes from, he swings at the BFM TV journalist who asks him to clarify his thoughts, For me, it’s no coincidence. I’m not going to say it was planned, but Bill Gates was talking about it in 2013.” explains the former Manchester United player.

The former teammate of CR7 corroborates comments that we often hear in the mouths of “conspirators”, especially on social networks. He is annoyed by the strong presence of the coronavirus, especially in the debates.

We talk about it way too much! But even when you have a car accident, we will say that you died because you had the Covid”, he said seriously. According to Patrice Evra, all this would serve a much larger project according to him,“For me, it’s politics. Because when you want to lead people and govern, it’s with fear. That’s it”.

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