“I know it touched him enormously”

“I know it touched him enormously”
“I know it touched him enormously”
Sophie Tapie in the clip

Sophie Tapie, discovered by the general public in The Voice, released a song in tribute to his father, Bernard Tapie. A song titled The phoenix, accompanied by a clip unveiled on August 25. This single is taken from a new album by the singer due on Friday. The latter is entitled 1988, as his year of birth.

Invited on the set of BFMTV this Tuesday, the singer confided on this declaration of love, in song, to her father.

“I thought about it a lot, it wasn’t a decision taken on a whim. But I was so afraid that I would regret not doing it. It was more a choice of the heart than a reasoned choice. “, she explained. “It’s very complicated to make a name for yourself in this profession. When you have a last name as huge as mine, making a first name is even harder”.

“I’ve been doing this job for ten years, and it’s a bit like shooting myself in the foot, when I now have my place. But I really wanted to do it,” said Sophie. Lurking.

For people with cancer

If this song is a tribute to her father, Sophie Tapie also dedicates it to “all people who have cancer, which is the disease of the century”.

“It’s a disease that lives from day to day, in which we have to take things as they come (…) I think of those who go through this disease alone, and it’s terrible. is also for them that I made this song “.

This song is also “her own way” of talking about her father, she who says she is modest around the various topical subjects linked to Bernard Tapie. “It’s also the way I see it, it’s like my own record of this man,” she said. “I know it touched him enormously,” she revealed.

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