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Man gets penis stuck for two months in plastic bottle

Man gets penis stuck for two months in plastic bottle
Man gets penis stuck for two months in plastic bottle

To free the 45-year-old man’s penis, doctors used a device to cut cables.

It’s a game that has gone (very) badly. In Nepal, a 45-year-old man got his penis stuck in the neck of a plastic bottle, as reported by the Daily Mail. He cut the cap off a plastic bottle to make a penile choke device as sometimes happens in some cases of masturbation. He remained in this situation for two months and did not explain the reasons for his action to the doctors. To free the patient, the doctors used a device intended to cut cables because the other utensils were not effective. Doctors from the Koirala Institute of Health Sciences explained that his penis had become extremely swollen due to lack of blood flow and the patient was on the verge of lasting damage. The medical team is not sure how this has turned out as the patient has not returned for follow-up visits. This case was reported in l’International Journal of Surgery Case Reports.

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Preserve blood vessels

According to the doctors, “shame felt by patients is the root cause of a late surgical consultation“, which means they are”likely to develop complicationsThe urgency is to quickly release the penis to preserve blood vessels and body tissue. Doctors have said that strangulation of the penis is a surgical emergency and is often seen in patients with mental health problems or who are trying to ‘increase their sexual arousal. This man had previously been diagnosed with severe depression and attempted suicide several times. There is no recommended treatment as each case is different depending on the device used by the patient, the patient. penile strangulation time, damage and equipment available to doctors Once the situation is resolved, the penis usually returns to normal within a few weeks – the bruising and swelling may take a few weeks to go away.

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Dr Jamin Brahmbhatt, urologist at Orlando Health Medical Group Urology, told MailOnline he had seen two cases of penile strangulation during his career: “The problem that occurs is that the device is placed on the penis and it cannot come off. Imagine that your wedding ring comes off easily, but then you have swelling in your hands and it becomes more difficult to get rid of. This is what happens in an acute environment around the penis“.

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Man penis stuck months plastic bottle

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