The Marseillais vs the rest of the World 6: Hilona at worst because of the broadcast and disappointed with Julien Bert, she speaks

On October 09, 2021, Hilona formalized her break with Julien Bert and gave explanations. After more than two years of relationship, their love story is now to be combined with the past. Obviously, this decision taken by mutual agreement made the two reality TV candidates extremely sad, a breakup never being easy. In addition to having to manage her heartache, the young woman must also support the broadcast of the episodes of Marseillais vs the rest of the world 6 in which Julien Bert and Océane El Himer have just started a romance. The latter was also hidden by the comrade of Nikola Lozina in Hilona when he got back into a relationship with her after the shooting of the sixth season of the cross. The reality TV candidate is therefore extremely shocked by the episodes and she does not hesitate to let it know on social networks.

Hilona is at its worst because of the broadcast of the sixth season of the cross – Credit (s):

Hilona is at its worst because of the broadcast of the sixth season of the cross – Credit (s):

At first, she said in a story on her Instagram account: “(…) Seeing the images now, I want to stack (…)”. Then, Hilona reacted to the blogger’s tweet. solifegossip who said : “I’m shocked, I thought that Julien Bert and Océane had just given each other a little kiss to sting Hilona but downright, they had a romance. He pushed anyway!”. Faced with these words, the young woman spoke again. “I reassure you, that’s what was also reported to me. The broadcast is brutal. And when he reassures you by saying that it was just acting, you might as well say that you are questioning your relationship. More and more shocking images! “ she explained. And finally, to conclude, the reality TV candidate mentioned Océane El Himer: “Frankly, I don’t like this girl at all but it doesn’t surprise me that she made films for herself”. What do you think of Julien Bert’s behavior towards these two young women the meltynauts? Also, know that we tried to find out why Julien Tanti’s problem book is absent from the Marseillais vs the rest of the world 6.


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