R Kelly receives good news after guilty verdict for sex trafficking

R Kelly receives good news after guilty verdict for sex trafficking
R Kelly receives good news after guilty verdict for sex trafficking

It seems that sometimes crime impacts business.

R. Kelly may be trapped in prison, but “Trapped in the Closet” and many of his other hit singles are gaining popularity after his conviction for sex trafficking.

The disgraced singer’s album sales have jumped 517% since a New York jury returned their guilty verdict on September 27, according to Rolling Stone.

Kelly, 54, was convicted of sexual exploitation, corruption, racketeering and sex trafficking involving five victims. He is now faced with the prospect of life behind bars.

Many might have guessed that the crimes would result in the cancellation of Kelly’s classic hits, but the opposite happened.

In addition to the surge in album sales, the R&B crooner’s song stream is also on the rise.

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From September 27 to October 3 – the week following Kelly’s conviction – her “on-demand audio streams increased 22%” while her “video streams increased 23% from the previous seven days.”

And while the verdict caused a sharp increase in streams, his music has been played well throughout 2021.

In fact, his singles have aired more this year than they were in 2017, despite witnesses in his high-profile trial revealing horrific acts he committed against them.

According to Rolling Stone: “In 2017, Kelly averaged about 5.4 million on-demand audio streams per week, and this year it averaged about 6.4 million.

Kelly’s songs are still available on most streaming services including Spotify and Apple Music. However, earlier this week Google shut down two official R. Kelly YouTube accounts, claiming they were “in violation of creator liability rules.”

It is not known how many people would agree to play the songs of the musician “Ignition”, given that he is now a public outcast.

But there is one man who stands up for the doomed singer – disgraced sitcom star Bill Cosby.

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Cosby believes Kelly “was screwed” and “he wasn’t going to take a break” during his month-long trial, her spokesperson, Andrew Wyatt, recently told The Post.

“The game was stacked against [lui] Wyatt said. “His constitutional rights have been seriously violated. Nowhere else but in this country of the United States do I know that a documentary can lay criminal charges against someone.

“No one fought for him,” and his lawyers didn’t “humanize” him, Wyatt said.

Kelly is expected to be sentenced on May 4 of next year.

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