La Tuque Hospital: “we don’t want to lose more services”

La Tuque Hospital: “we don’t want to lose more services”
La Tuque Hospital: “we don’t want to lose more services”

The mayor of La Tuque, Pierre-David Tremblay, breathed a sigh of relief when the Minister of Health and Social Services, Christian Dubé postponed the date of the compulsory vaccination until November 15.

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“I believe that the government made a good decision (…) that reassured the population of Latuques, but you know in this context that it is better to have one yours than two you will have it”, mentions Pierre-David Tremblay.

The hospital in his town is already struggling with many problems such as the obstetrics department, the loss of ophthalmology services and intensive services.

“At present, the patient must be transferred by ambulance. So, it is to type 135 kilometers to go to Shawinigan or another 150 kilometers to go to Trois-Rivières. It is an inconsistency to move people who are sick when the system would like us to move healthy people to come and treat us in our own hospitals, ”explains the mayor.

According to him, we must continue to put pressure on the population to be vaccinated.

“In the first wave, at the regional level, there are 1,000 (health) employees who were infected with COVID-19, in the fourth wave, it is 40. So the vaccination has proven. Whatever one hears whatever one says, the figures speak for themselves, ”he underlines.

Watch the full interview with the mayor of La Tuque in the video above.


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