the 4 new films of the week

the 4 new films of the week
the 4 new films of the week

If there’s one streaming site where you’ll never run out of new movies, it’s Netflix! The proof: the giant with the red logo has added lots of new products to its already well-stocked catalog! On the program: feature films just waiting to be devoured.

RIGA, LATVIA – FEBRUARY 17, 2016: Netflix is a global provider of streaming movies and TV series.

We have selected four films that you might like for this weekend: mystery, action, horror or historical drama. As always, there is something for everyone on Netflix. You won’t be bored for the next two days!

Both mysterious and horrifying, “Toxic” is a psychological thriller that may well give you knots in your brain. The film follows Maria, a young mother on vacation in a small Argentinian village with her daughter Nina. She meets Carola, also a young mother like her. The latter, however, does not seem close to her strange son David, unlike Maria who is constantly worried about Nina’s safety. The situation becomes all the more complicated when Maria finally realizes that something is wrong. Get ready, the film offers a somewhat oppressive atmosphere that may well get you stuck in front of your TV.

Notice to fans of films that mix both action and SF! “Upgrade” offers a perfect mix of the two, with a mystery to be solved as a bonus. The film tells how Gray, a simple mechanic, finds himself quadriplegic, following an assault with armed hands. That day, Gray not only lost the use of his body, he also lost his wife. Everything changes when the CEO of a powerful technology company offers him to implant a chip boosted with artificial intelligence. The chip would allow him to walk again and more. Gray will then embark on a merciless hunt to find who killed his wife and especially why … The trailer promises a breathtaking story. You risk not picking up!

Scream, Halloween, Friday the 13th, Freddy, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Wrong Turn… are you a fan of slasher movies? There is no doubt that “Killer game” will please you! It’s all in the title: The story is about how high school kids try to survive in the face of a rampaging serial killer. They will also do everything to identify him, arrest this psychopath who initially weakens the students by revealing their most intimate secrets. Do not hesitate to go see this original slasher which reinvents the rules of this horrific style. So get rid of your popcorn, by being alone or accompanied. And let the massacre begin!

“The Battle of the Scheldt” is a moving feature film that tells the horrors of war through the story of three young people: a war pilot, a German soldier and a new recruit to the resistance. While nothing could link them, the trio’s destinies intersect in suffering and tragedy. Dramatic at will, the film promises a beautiful viewing with its touching story, its endearing characters, and not to mention its images which are really superb and realistic.

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