Tenor: released from prison, the artist performs a symbolic act that dazzles the canvas (photos)

A few days after his release, Tenor pleasantly surprised Internet users with a photo in the company of Ivorian comedian Eunice Zunon.

On the photo, we could see the incredible physical change of the Cameroonian artist. Tenor was downright unrecognizable. He let his beard grow, which gave him unparalleled charm.

The photo made the rounds of social networks in record time. Fans greatly appreciated the new Tenor presented to them in the shot.

On Monday, October 25, the Cameroonian rapper made a new gesture which pleasantly surprised his fans.

On his Facebook page, the artist published a white background, without writing anything in caption. Fans wondered if his page was being hacked by bad guys.

As if that weren’t enough, the rapper surprised his subscribers even more by changing his profile picture and that of his cover to the same white background.

Fans immediately interpreted this as good news. According to some comments, Tenor was announcing a new birth, after the storm he went through.

White symbolizes the resurrection. Purity, light, life. Tenor, I have a list of requests for you:

Meet the family of the father of the girl, humiliate yourself with him before any outings and resumption of activity.

Bring out a sound for the rest of the soul of this young sister and all those people who have left us in similar situations.

Organize a paying concert, the proceeds of which will be donated to the inmates (you were one of theirs, they must understand that you are with them too).

Make a conference to apologize to everyone. Now be more disciplined and more careful. Warm our hearts with your works come back stronger than ever”, Suggested a surfer.

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