Debordo makes the buzz again, renouncing his nationality


After his fuss with the Congolese of Kinshasa Fally Ipupa, the cut-off artist, Debordo Leekunfa, is once again making the buzz on social networks. A few days after expressing his disappointment with the Ivorian people, he has just announced that he is renouncing Ivorian nationality. “I’m never Ivorian againHe said.

Debordo Leekunfa is truly a special case. The cut-off artist is almost in conflict with everyone. After apologizing to his Congolese counterpart in Kinshasa Fally Ipupa, whom he had copiously insulted on social networks, he again attacks his Ivorian compatriots, whom he accuses of having handed him over to the Congolese people .

«I decided to stop everything and work in the peace of the Lord, and these Congolese still did not understand my opinion. Thank you all the same to you Congolese people. Even though my people have handed me over to popular revenge and continue to abuse me. My almighty God will never let go of me, ever. I won’t answer anymore, but God will do the rest», Wrote Debordo Leekunfa.

A few days after expressing his disappointment with the Ivorian people, Debordo Leekunfa announced that he was renouncing Ivorian nationality. “Go tell them that I am not Ivorian, but rather African. I bury the Ivorians … the Ivory Coast. I belong to Africa. I will bring the best to the world and to the West. The Ivorian will not see anything. I am never Ivorian again (…) I am African, everything except Ivory Coast“, He posted on his Facebook page.

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