Scorpio horoscope November 2021

What’s going to happen in the life of Scorpio in November? Astrology is an esoteric science that attempts to interpret the influence of the planets on the behavior and personality of the signs of the zodiac (Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn, etc.). A discipline of astrology, the horoscope results from the analysis of the sky map, the position of planets (Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, etc.) and stars (the Sun, the Moon), in order to predict the future more or less close to each star sign.

The forecasts of the astrologers who design the horoscope are based on a predefined period (day, week, month or year). Predictions can be given for a sign according to its decan of birth (each sign is divided into 3 decans), its ascendant, its lunar sign, or even its complete astral chart for the most precise horoscope possible.

Love, work, money, health … Find out what’s in store for Scorpio in November 2021.

Scorpio horoscope predictions for November 2021

Born between October 23 and November 22, Scorpios are part of the water signs (along with Cancer and Pisces) and are ruled by the planet Pluto. November will be a period of great questions for the natives of the sign Scorpio. But this will allow you to see more clearly and move forward in your life projects, in all areas. In addition, the energy will be there and you will benefit from an optimal form.

Scorpio of the 1st decan, you will have to accept that we do not always give you everything. You find it hard to bear to be told no but this month you will have to put up with it, especially during the first two weeks. Making concessions is not your forte and, despite what you are told, you can do what you want, even if it means crashing into a wall.

It is rather during the second half of November that the Scorpio of the 2nd decan will not budge. When he has an idea in mind, he will do anything to realize it and get what he wants. Friend Scorpio, you absolutely won’t be afraid to speak up. But this aggressiveness could annoy more than one of your entourage who will not stand the way you express yourself for long.

The Scorpions of 3rd and last decan, as for them, will act in a more moderate way. While you also want things to turn out to your advantage, you will have some qualms about manipulating your world and you will try other methods. Additionally, with the Sun and planets like Mars and Mercury in your sign, your instinct will be increased tenfold and you will be able to perceive certain signs that will guide you.

Love level Scorpio horoscope in November 2021

As for the heart, it is a month of auspicious November that is shaping up for the passionate sign of Scorpio. Singles might not stay that way for very long. Indeed, Cupid will watch over you and push you towards love. A meeting could quickly turn into a romantic relationship. You will have no trouble projecting yourself with this person. Everything will seem smooth to you, so listen to your emotions and let them express themselves.

In addition, if you are in a relationship, the month of November will be based on affection and tenderness. You, like your partner, will manage to turn the page on past difficulties and harmony will reign in your relationship. This is the soothing effect that dear Venus will have in Capricorn, from the 6th to the 17th.

Scorpio Labor horoscope in November 2021

At work, one thing is certain, is that the Scorpio will do well. You will shine with your colleagues and superiors. The natives of this astrological sign will understand events and situations in a positive way. The Sun in your area is associating with Mars so take advantage of it. A beautiful energy will accompany you in your work. Productivity and innovation will be on the agenda this month. Dear Scorpio, you will be able to reach your goals without difficulty and will know how to seize every opportunity.

If you are currently looking for a job, you are likely to find what you are looking for outside the box. An unforeseen encounter will lead you to new, unexplored horizons. Take your chance and take this path that is open to you!

Scorpio Silver horoscope in November 2021

If the forecasts of astrologers are to be believed, you won’t have to worry about your finances. At the beginning of the month, you will have a certain tendency to profit and spend your money in a not always thoughtful way. After all, you’ve been working hard the last month and the ones before, so why not treat yourself? In addition, the natives of Scorpio, under the influence of the planets in their sign, will turn out to be fine negotiators who will easily achieve their goals in terms of money.

Scorpio Health horoscope in November 2021

To end this horoscope on a good note, the health of the Scorpio will be optimal in this autumn period. Temperature changes and shorter days won’t have a big impact on you. Your immune defenses will be up to speed to fight the slightest virus lying around in the air. Be sure to maintain a good, healthy, seasonal, balanced diet and exercise to maintain that iron health.

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