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The city of Le Locle is dreaming of the Swiss capital of street art –

The city of Le Locle is dreaming of the Swiss capital of street art –
The city of Le Locle is dreaming of the Swiss capital of street art –

After London, New York or Paris, renowned graffiti artists are taking over the small Neuchâtel town of Le Locle. At the origin of the project, the artistic association Luxor Factory, which plans to produce around fifty works across the city by 2024.

Le Locle has been undergoing major changes since 2018. Today, around fifteen graffiti have appeared on the facades of the city. Imposing or confidential, these urban paintings tell the history and heritage of the region.

Small Exomuseum will become big

The artistic association Luxor Factory is at the origin of the project, named “Exomusée”. An open-air museum therefore, accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. and to gain national and international aura. This project can become an identity marker “, explains François Balmer, member of the association.

The project inspires the authorities who now support the Exomuseum in its logistical and financial aspects to the tune of 20,000 francs per year. Cédric Dupraz, municipal councilor, does not hide his projects: “Le Locle is an industrial city, but we would really like to take a cultural and touristic turn.”

Our ambition? May Le Locle become the Swiss capital of street art in a few years!

Cédric Dupraz, municipal councilor

Hommage aux radiumineuses, aerosol paint by artist Shok-1. [©exomusée]

A regional history revisited

Among the artists commissioned by the Luxor Factory association and the municipality, the British artist Shok-1 chooses to draw the tragic story of radium-bearing plants, a tribute to Swiss workers intoxicated by the radium from the phosphorescent paints that they deposited on the dials. of watches in the last century, until 1963. “It’s a story about the coexistence between society and science, about the risks and the benefits, explains the graffiti artist about his work. science misused by industry, which is a hot topic.

>> To see, an overview of the works of street art to admire in the city of Le Locle:

Another artist, another atmosphere: on a residential building, the Basel graffiti artist BustArt painted a gigantic colorful fresco in homage to the precision of watchmaking in the region, called “Time Out”. There are the characters of Disney Big Ben and Géo Trouvetou. “As in life itself, it is the background equipment that makes the exterior work. When we see the result, we take it as it is, and most of the time we don’t see the steps necessary for it. get there, ”he explains of his work on his Facebook page.

Other orders from Swiss and international artists will be carried out in the coming weeks.

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