Flourens à la ligne, 2nd book fair

The 2nd Flourens book fair will be held on Sunday, November 14 in the village hall from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm Jean-Antoine Loiseau (À mots ouvert) will lead six round tables with the invited authors, including extracts from their works will be read by the actors of the theater group “Dose d’art’scenic”. Bookbinding and calligraphy workshops will be offered to the public. This fair will take place with the participation of schools, the municipal library and the Ombres Blanches bookstore. 21 authors will be present to illustrate the theme of the show with their works: “Invitation to travel”. Magyd Cherfi, Goncourt Prize for high school students in 2016 for her book “Ma part de Gaulois” (Actes Sud) will also propose her second novel “La Part du Sarrazin” (Actes Sud). Santiago Mendieta, specialist in the Pyrenees and its Spanish side, will talk about his book “Rediscovered Stories of the Spanish Civil War” (The Red Butterfly). Claire Cros, Yves Perez, Fabienne Savarit, Maylis Adhemar, Jean-Luc Deparis, Cécile Benoist, Rachel Corenblit, Patrick Fort, Audrey Marty, Christophe Guillaumot, Frédéric Sudupé, Michèle Teysseyre, Audrey Baylac, Bernard Houssaut, Florence Robert, Jean-Marc Sur, Isabelle Merle, Serge Nicolo and Nicolas Rouillé complete the list of authors invited to this show. The first show was a great success during its first edition in 2019.

Free entry with sanitary pass.


Flourens ligne #2nd book fair

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