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“L’Anglo Arabe” the book by Raffaele Cherchi

The Anglo event was also literary this year with the release of Raffaele Cherchi’s book on the Anglo saga through the ages. First published in Italian two years ago, it was translated by the linguists of the ANAA and laid out by Pascale Caillouet. Alain James provided the presentation.

Abundantly documented by the scholar Raffaele Cherchi, equine veterinarian by training and great organizer of the Italian equestrian sector, the book traces the international epic of this breed of sport horses which found breeders and a land in Anglo Arabia. conducive to its hatching and growth. We will talk about it again in our next edition. Note that the book can be ordered from the ANAA for 20 €.


LAnglo Arabe book Raffaele Cherchi Lechevalfr

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