Agri-Tech Tunisia, with its innovative solutions, starts its project in Senegal

Agri-Tech Tunisia, with its innovative solutions, starts its project in Senegal
Agri-Tech Tunisia, with its innovative solutions, starts its project in Senegal

Senegal, whose agricultural sector is undergoing transformation, is a very stable commercial hub. A technology is enough, he says. The Director General of STECIA international, Mr. Gaddas, relied on the ” excellent ” diplomatic relations, the ” very strong ” historical and commercial ties, as well as the exchanges between the two States in several sectors to start the project in Dakar. ”It’s easier to start with Senegal and go to other areas. We know the importance of Senegal’s place in the economy in West Africahe insisted.

According to him, the strategic position of the Senegalese agricultural sector, resisting the context marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, is booming. ”Senegal is a stable country. Very strong historical links unite our two States and we have direct flights between Dakar and Tunis.“, he testified.

Under this register, he announced a selection of 40 companies and announced a B to B meeting on March 22, 2022 in Dakar, between Tunisian start-ups and Senegalese companies. This B to B meeting aims to create a dynamic of cooperation between the private sectors of the two countries, while bringing together the companies of the two countries with a view to a partnership.

Mr. Gaddas explains that the ambition with his partners is to ensure that African countries achieve food self-sufficiency. And, the “Agri-tech Tunisia” project is designed by the Tunisian company STECIA International, supported by partners, is funded by the European Union. Implemented by Expertise France, it aims to support the strengthening, structuring and promotion of the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

“Agri-tech Tunisia” aims to develop South-South cooperation in the sector of digital technologies for agriculture, between Tunisia and the countries of West Africa, with Senegal as the first step.

She adds that the project will make it possible to initiate a win-win partnership, in which the Senegalese agricultural sector will be able to have access to the latest disruptive technologies and to the know-how of Tunisian startups, to improve its sustainability and its competitiveness on the local, regional market. and international.

The Tunisian agri-tech sector will, for its part, be able to diversify its markets and expand its presence in sub-Saharan Africa, qualified by specialists as a “new frontier”.

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