She tells all the secrets of her love story with Mathieu

She tells all the secrets of her love story with Mathieu
She tells all the secrets of her love story with Mathieu
You can participate in Koh-Lanta, and return with great love. It is not Alix who will say the opposite. In an interview with Télé 7 jours, the young woman gave more details about this love story. Don’t worry, we’ll transcribe exactly what she said. Are you ready ?

The couples are formed after the shooting of Koh-Lanta

Denis Brogniart affirms each year that in Koh-Lanta, there is no place for libido. However, it is clear that several couples are formed after the filming of the adventure game. And when we talk about love, it’s hard not to immediately think of Jesta and Benoît. For the writing of Objeko, it is the most emblematic couple of the show. So, in 2016, at the end of the adventure, they realized that they were enjoying each other. Benoît, who was in a relationship, had taken the time to break up with his other half before officially getting together with the candidate. They have since been married and have two children.

But of course, they weren’t the only ones who fell in love with the set. Indeed, Candice and Romain for example, also fell for each other in Koh-Lanta. Moreover, it was also in 2016. According to the adventurer’s own confidences, they are talking about marriage and baby for the future. We can also cite Denis Brogniart and his wife. Yep, if you didn’t know, the host met his wife on the set of the show. It was almost 18 years ago now, on the set of the Panamanian edition in 2003.

Alix in a relationship with Mathieu

And if we have been talking about couples in Koh-Lanta since before, it is not for nothing. Indeed, last August 12, Alix had chosen to formalize her relationship with Mathieu. As a reminder, the two adventurers met during the filming of Koh-Lanta: The 4 Lands, in 2020. Through a photo on her Instagram account, the young woman put before her happiness. In the idyllic setting of Tahiti, the lovers had posed close to each other in order to shout their love to the whole world. However, if they are inseparable today, everything has not always been so obvious.

Alix has said several times that her participation in Koh-Lanta has been beneficial for her. The young woman was able to regain her self-confidence: “Koh-Lanta gave me self-confidence. I discovered that I was a fighter. Better, a warrior!“. But she was also able to meet the great love. Well, not right away: ”With Mathieu, it’s not love at first sight, confessed the young woman. We got closer to each other much later ”. Today, they’ve been together for a year and enjoying life. We can say it, they did not have time to be bored.

A couple of hyperactive

In addition to being a great adventurer, Alix also knows how to handle social networks perfectly. Thus, on her page, she does not hesitate to highlight her exploits, many of which are shared with her lover adventurer. Looking more closely at his account, we can see that the couple are really hyperactive. It is therefore not for nothing that the young woman decided to go back to Koh-Lanta. Moreover, Mathieu wanted to pass on precious knowledge to his sweetheart: ”He took the time to introduce me to the use of the compass, in case I access the orientation test“. We will see in the next few weeks if it was useful or not.

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