Marie-Ange, the contender of Jean-François, at the heart of a sad affair

Marie-Ange, the contender of Jean-François, at the heart of a sad affair
Marie-Ange, the contender of Jean-François, at the heart of a sad affair

Marie-Ange, the former contender of Jean-François in Love is in the meadow, appeared on CNews for a sad reason, this Tuesday, October 26. For the third time in just two years, her 84-year-old father’s house has been squatted.

It is a painful period for Marie-Ange, one of the candidates for the 16th season of Love is in the meadow. In the episode aired this Monday, October 25, the contender of Jean-François chose to bow out after witnessing the love at first sight between the farmer and his beautiful Mélanie. But while the broadcast has surely reminded him of bad memories, the Toulousaine has just suffered another hard blow. As she announced on CNews on October 26, her 84-year-old father’s house, located in the Isards district, has been squatted for a week. This is the third time this has happened in just two years. An unlivable situation for the whole family, which is starting to lose patience.

“Now I’m doing everything to dislodge them because it’s very unfair because they broke the gate, they broke everything… The interior door to get in. And then impossible to get into the house because they changed the locks, padlocks. And we are kicked out and what is terrible is that they are protected by law so I find that not normal and in addition very often they attack old people, “lamented the former protégé of Karine Le Marchand.

Marie-Ange de l’Amour is in the meadow the victim of a sad news item

Like all victims of squats, Marie-Ange called on the government to take more drastic measures against those responsible. “My father is the second because there was a first victim, an 88-year-old man, two kilometers away. After us this (…)

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VIDEO – Marie-Ange de l’Amour is in the meadow victim of a sad news item

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MarieAnge contender JeanFrançois heart sad affair

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