Death of Claude Lombard, the interpreter of cult cartoon generics

Death of Claude Lombard, the interpreter of cult cartoon generics
Death of Claude Lombard, the interpreter of cult cartoon generics
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A whole generation of children knew his voice. Claude Lombard, interpreter of many animated cartoons diffused in “Youpi! The school is finished” on the Five between 1987 and 1992, died this Monday, September 20 at the age of 76 years. The official Facebook page of the Belgian singer announces the death of the one who set to music “Embrasse-moi Lucile”, “Les Snorky”, “Max et compagnie” and many other youth series. It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Madame Claude Lombard, Belgian artist born February 25, 1945 in Etterbeek. She will have throughout her life singing her songs from town to town and from record to record, accompanied Charles Aznavour from country to country, directed and written for the sets of animation series and films. Claude Lombard will have brightened the path of those she met. She will have created vocations and more, she will have helped people become what they are today. is it written in a short retrospective of her career which barely touches on the many activities of this musician who fell into the pot from childhood through her mother, the cabaret singer Claude Alix.

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Former Eurovision candidate

Mastering piano and guitar very early on, this former student at the Institut national supereur des arts du spectacle de Bruxelles saw her destiny take a new turn when her song “Quand tu reviendras” was chosen to represent Belgium at Eurovision in 1968. Claude Lombard will finish 7th in the competition. Eurovision was an accident! You cannot build a career or a trade on a song. (…) Always singing the same song in different tones, always with the same kind of lyrics, did not amuse me too much. I would rather do things a little different she told in 2017 to Figaro. In parallel with this experience, she hosts a television mission for young audiences, for which she writes and performs songs. Monte Paris, Claude Lombard wrote the music for the musical “Attention fragile” for Anny Duperey and Bernard Giraudeau in 1979 before recording his first album, produced by Jacques Bedos.

“We recorded five, six a day”

His meeting with Lucien Ads, producer to whom we owe the phenomenal success of Disney disc books, opened doors for him in France. With her sidekick Charles Level, she recorded more than fifty animated films including “Winnie The Pooh”, “Tho or the bat of victory”, “The enchanted world of Lalabel”, “Flo et les Robinson Swiss “,” The Adventures of Claire and Tipoune “,” Pollyana “and” Susy with magic flowers “, and is illustrated in the dubbing, by incarnating in particular the herone of” Creamy, wonderful Creamy “. In the studio, we recorded five, six or even seven a day, with the choirs. Obviously, there wasn’t what we currently have, the pitch that allows you to correct each note by a semitone or adjust the voice. L, you had to sing, right or wrong, but you had to sing right away she said four years ago, her head full of memories.

In the 90s, Claude Lombard began directing the musical parts of several films for their French adaptations: “La Belle et la Bte”, “Cendrillon”, “The Prince of Egypt” … An activity which will occupy him for the next 30 years, since she worked in both television and cinema on “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, “Frozen”, “Dora the Explorer”, “Batman”, “Violetta” or “Vaiana: The Legend of the End of the World “, to name a few. Woman of a Thousand and One Lives, Claude Lombard was also the backing singer of Charles Aznavour and accompanied her on the greatest stages of the whole world, from the 1980s until the death of the icon in October 2018. As a soloist voice, she notably performed “My moving love” with the singer. Passionate until his last breath, Claude Lombard performed in concert at the Pniche Antipode in Paris on September 15th. The exact causes of his disappearance have not been specified.

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