Excellent news, the series will return to the screens with three new spin-offs!

The hit series “Game of Thrones” written by George RR Martin returns to the screens with three spin-offs, in addition to the new series “House of the Dragon” which should be released in 2022!

Indeed, after a cardboard during the 8 seasons released in recent years, the emblematic universe of GOT promises to come back with new plots which could become as cult as the series. If we have seen the players evolve and tell their stories, it is now time to learn a little more about other Houses. So close to 30 million fans had succumbed to the saga, we can already imagine the future success of these new scenarios.

Three spin-offs on the Game of Thrones series

The producers wish to shed light on other aspects of the “Game of Thrones” universe, in particular by telling the story of Houses and families which appeared very little in the film. original saga.

A first spin-off of the Game of Thrones series unveiled (and not the least!) Would be called “9 voyages”. This time it is the adventures of Lord Corlys Velaryon that will be in the spotlight. Lord of House Velaryon, he is also nicknamed “The Sea Snake”. The opportunity to follow the adventures of this outstanding sailor and immerse yourself in its world.

“10,000 ships” is the name of the second spin-off unveiled. It focuses on the story of Princess Nymeria who is one of the founders of the House of Dorne and ancestor of the Martell line. This series will allow you to learn more about the origins and history of this region of Dorne, known to be the hottest in all of Westeros.

Three spin-offs on the Game of Thrones series

Finally, the latest spin-off would focus on Port Réal and more precisely the district of Flea Bottom, one of the poorest places in the capital, Port Réal. For now, no more information has been released on this subject. So be patient… The fans just have to wait to savor these novelties as they should. We no longer doubt the ability of directors to make viewers dream. The return of the universe of “Game of Thrones” is announced epic !


Excellent news series return screens spinoffs

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