Very good news, the Netflix series is renewed for a season 4 and 5!

Very good news, the Netflix series is renewed for a season 4 and 5!
Very good news, the Netflix series is renewed for a season 4 and 5!

Quickly discover everything we already know about the sequel to the famous series on the Netflix streaming platform, Virgin River.

Good news for fans of the Netflix series Virgin River! It turns out that the show will be back on the platform soon for a fourth and fifth season. If you’ve already completed the show’s first three seasons, head down below for more on the show’s rest.

Virgin River, a series full of emotion

Virgin River is a TV series available on the Netflix streaming platform since 2019. On the platform, you can, for the moment, already find the first two seasons of the show. In this series, you will meet Mel, a nurse who decides to leave Los Angeles to start a new life.

The young woman will then choose to settle in the countryside, in the small town of Virgin River. Indeed, after having to deal with the loss of her husband, Mel wants to make a new start and start all over again, as far as possible from her old life.

The latter then goes to work in the office of Doc, the doctor of the small town. She will start to forge new friendships, and more than that. Indeed, the latter will get closer to Jack, the owner of the only bar in the city.

A complicated love affair that may well keep Mel in Virgin River longer than she initially anticipated. If you’ve watched the show’s first three seasons before, you must be excited to find out what’s in store for Jack and Mel in the next few episodes. Find out more below.

The series is renewed for two new unpublished seasons!

We have just learned that the series will indeed be renewed for the next two seasons on the Netflix streaming platform! A news that should delight the many fans of the series! Like the Spanish series Sky Rojo, which is being renewed for a third season, the program will therefore return to the platform soon.

These next two seasons promise to be rich in emotion and action. So, even if we don’t have a lot of information on the rest of the series yet, we can still give you some new information.

Thus, it seems that the love affair between Mel and Jack gets complicated during the rest of the program. Remember, at the end of season three, Mel told Jack that she was pregnant. However, this good news hid a terrible secret.

Indeed, Mel is not sure that Jack is the father of the baby. The young woman having resorted to an anonymous donor after Jack assured her that she wanted no more children. This new season should also tell us a little more about what awaits Doc.

Indeed, the latter being ill, a new doctor could well settle in town and bring his share of new tragedies! To find out, you shouldn’t miss the next seasons of the series on Netflix!

What release date for the next seasons of Virgin River?

For the moment, the Netflix streaming platform has not yet commented on the broadcast date of the next episodes of the show. However, we can still give you an approximation. So, you’ll have to be a little more patient before you can find Jack, Mel and all the others in a new season.

Regarding the fourth season of the series, the latter should certainly be available on the platform in the course of the year 2022. Then, the fifth season, for its part, should rather be broadcast in the course of the year 2023.

So you still have a few months to wait before knowing the rest of Mel’s adventures. In the meantime, don’t miss the release of the third season of You, in October on Netflix. Don’t hesitate to watch the completely insane trailer for the series!

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