Find out what the Royal Family really thinks about the Netflix series?

Find out what the Royal Family really thinks about the Netflix series?
Find out what the Royal Family really thinks about the Netflix series?

Following the interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the famous Netflix series The Crown is once again in the spotlight.

So it’s important to know what the royals think about their character on the show.

Queen Elizabeth II’s opinion

As you certainly know, it is a protagonist of the series who decided to watch her after being advised by Prince Edward and his wife Sophie. Note that Queen Elizabeth II enjoyed the series despite the poor presentation of some events. You will find this statement in the Sunday Express from the year 2017. This assessment changed with the launch of the second season.

You have to remember that this part seems to portray Prince Philip in a less flattering way. She did not appreciate the portrayal of this character as a father who is not sensitive to the well-being of his descendant. She didn’t appreciate the character’s lack of sympathy for Charles when he returned to Scotland. The Queen no longer approves of The Crown being fictional according to the hammers of Buckingham Palace.

Prince Charles’ opinion on The Crown

As you watch the fourth season of the series, you will find that the character of Prince Charles turns out to be a big bad guy. This part also reveals the beginnings of quite eventful marriages between the prince and Lady Di. You will therefore not be surprised that the prince does not appreciate the evolution of his character on the screen.

Although he didn’t tell the general public, his displeasure still reached Daily Mail royalty specialist Emily Andrews. According to those close to the prince, the series is trolling on a Hollywood budget and presents fiction as fact.

Prince William’s opinion on the series

In November 2019, Olivia Colman plays Queen Elizabeth II in the 3rd and 4th seasons recounted a funny meeting with Prince William. This takes place during a dinner where the character asks the woman what she is doing. He quickly answered his own question, saying he already knew it. The woman excitedly asked him if he looked.

Despite his answer with a very firm no, it was the charm of the young man that took over. You will find these explanations on the Graham Norton Show. According to the Daily Mail, the prince’s anger quickly turned into a difference. According to him, the fourth season exploited the parental relationship for commercial purposes.

Princess Anne’s opinion

Princess Anne reacted with distance and humor. Erin Doherty, the actress who embodies it has made a statement that reveals the time of creation of her legendary bun. According to her, it takes the whole team two hours. Know that the person concerned was surprised by this revelation.

Princess Anne began to ask them what takes time. For her, 10 to 15 minutes is more than enough to recreate this hairstyle. You can find these explanations in the documentary titled Anne: The Princess Royal at 70. According to the judgments of the queen’s daughter, the first episodes of the Netflix series The Crown are quite interesting.

Prince Harry’s opinion on The Crown

Away from his royal duties and from Great Britain, Prince Harry spoke freely. Know that he does not feel the fury of Buckingham Palace on the fourth season of the series of Peter Morgan. According to him, the episodes featuring Lady Di’s situation are close to the truth. The late princess’s son believes the actors are claiming to be fiction instead of news.

The story is somewhat based on reality. A better idea of ​​life: pressure, service and duty come before family and what comes from it. Here are his explanations during an interview with James Corden. He added that he felt more comfortable with The Crown series than with the stories written in the press about his family. You will not be surprised by these words, because he and his wife are partners of Netflix. Prince Harry thinks he knows the actor who will play his role in the Homeland series: Damian Lewis.

Princess Eugenie’s opinion

The enthusiasm of Princess Eugenie was well founded in 2017 given that the series revealed a good image of the royal family. She enjoys the movie, the wonderful music and the beautiful story that she saw. She felt pride while watching the series. She spoke on his behalf about her feelings. You will find these explanations in Hello magazine. Vanessa Kirby who plays Princess Margaret in seasons 1 and 2 has made a claim about the young woman concerned. She talks about the series, specifying that her grandmother watched her and liked her a lot.

Sarah Ferguson’s opinion of The Crown

The ex-companion of Prince Andrew is delighted with her brief appearance and presentation in the Netflix fiction. She loved the film and the photography of her wedding. You will find these details in the US weekly.

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