The legend of the “Wuhan virus” – the origin of the (alleged) new coronavirus

The legend of the “Wuhan virus” – the origin of the (alleged) new coronavirus
The legend of the “Wuhan virus” – the origin of the (alleged) new coronavirus

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We may have been naive to believe that the rumor about the Wuhan virus, which emerged and then escaped from a biological weapons lab, would be permanently buried after the first quarter of 2021. Particularly in the United States , accusations and suspicions are becoming stronger and more frequent, so that even the mainstream can no longer ignore them.

Has anything changed in the discussion or evidence for this story since the first rumors in 2020 and the new rumors in early 2021? No…

The arguments continue to be based on the same impressions; on claims and accusations by so-called insiders and intelligence agencies who observed “suspicious things” here and there; on supposedly “logical” conclusions; on renowned experts and authority figures who regard the Wuhan virus theory as “quite plausible”; and, of course, on “traces” of the coronavirus here and proven “antibodies” there.

None of this constitutes evidence of any conspiracy or cover-up, and there is no scientifically verifiable fact to support the theory of the Wuhan virus.

In our video ” On Related Issues, No. 01 – Bioweapons : the myth of the man-made pathogen We have dealt in detail with the subject of so-called laboratory-grown pathogens. There is still nothing more to say on this topic, and there will still be nothing more to say on this topic in the future.

The reason is very simple: the scientific basis required for the principle of cultivated pathogens simply does not exist.

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« There may still be scientists scattered around the world trying to produce the ultimate killer microbe in their labs. But they will fail, just like the people who tried to make gold in an earlier era. Their scientific basis is simply wrong ».
On Related Issues, No. 01 – Bioweapons, the Myth of the Artificial Pathogen »)

The so-called “experts” speculate that the so-called coronavirus must have come from a lab, among other things because the genetic strand of SARS-CoV-2 looks very suspicious and somehow man-made. But if we take a closer look at the genesis of this genetic strand, we understand why this is so.

The Chinese virologists who provided the supposed proof of the existence of a new coronavirus at the beginning of 2020 were probably afraid of a possible new “killer virus” on the one hand, and on the other hand they were subjected at tremendous pressure. Answers had to be found, and as quickly as possible. The likelihood of mistakes being made in their work was therefore already multiplied. Then, in a record time of just 40 hours (!), They modeled a new genetic strand of the SARS coronavirus on the computer and provided the exact answers everyone had dreaded and expected. However, since the genomic model was created in such a short time, it was impossible to follow all the necessary rules of virology and genetics (although scientific rules are routinely ignored in virology anyway). As a result, it was only possible to create a very “irregular” construct, as Mr. Lanka said, which only narrowly matches the prerequisites for a genomic model. And it is precisely this fact that regularly leads scientists to believe that the virus is man-made.

The genetic strand of SARS-CoV-2 IS made by humans. And YES, in principle, it comes from a laboratory in Wuhan. But this is a MODEL! SARS-CoV-2 is nothing more than a computer model. It has never been and never will be more than that.

The media attack and denigration of China by the US government is more likely politically motivated than medical / scientific.

Blaming China for the Coronavirus crisis is nonsense and hypocrisy. To accuse Chinese scientists of being negligent and therefore responsible for the “Coronavirus crisis” would also be completely unfair!

The whole world is responsible for creating and sustaining the crisis. All countries participated and played their part. There is therefore no need to reproach. Modern society has strayed into this dead end for generations, so let’s get out of this dead end together as a human family and take a new path.

So instead of continuing to deal with the myths of the Wuhan virus, which are just unnecessary scare tactics, scientists in particular should instead deal with the fundamental question: SARS-CoV-2 and do all of its variants really exist, or does it exist only in theory?

« As you can see now, the best biological weapon there is is fear. » ~ Stefan Lanka

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