In absolute value, the Covid deadlier than the Spanish flu in the United States – Global monitoring of the Covid –

In absolute value, the Covid deadlier than the Spanish flu in the United States – Global monitoring of the Covid –
In absolute value, the Covid deadlier than the Spanish flu in the United States – Global monitoring of the Covid –

The Covid-19 has now killed more Americans than the Spanish flu in 1918-1919, according to data released Monday by Johns Hopkins University. More than 675,700 people infected with the new coronavirus have died in the United States.

UNITED STATES – The Covid deadlier than the Spanish flu

According to historians and the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC), the main health agency in the United States, the Spanish flu has killed at least 50 million people worldwide, including more than 675,000 in the United States.

But, unlike Covid-19, this pandemic was particularly deadly in age groups believed to be in good health, including those under 5 and people aged 20 to 40.

The Spanish flu, at least in absolute terms, therefore lost its title of the most serious pandemic in recent United States history on Monday.

President Joe Biden also announced on Monday that the United States will lift the 1is November, for people vaccinated, restrictions in place since March 2020 on international travel.

>> More details: The United States will reopen its borders to vaccinated people

In addition to showing proof of vaccination against Covid-19, travelers will have to be tested in the three days before their trip to the United States, and wear a mask, said the coordinator of the fight against the pandemic at the White House, Jeff Zients.

AUSTRIA – Health certificate imposed on ski resorts

This winter, it is impossible to ski in the Austrian Alps without the sanitary pass, which will be required to use the ski lifts. You must also wear an FFP2 mask at the entrance to the cabins. This decision could set a precedent for countries where winter sports are developed.

>> The details of 12:45:

Austria is preparing for its ski season: sanitary pass and mask in the ski lifts / 12:45 / 2 min. / today at 12:45

The reopening of après-ski bars and nightclubs is also planned, subject to a good epidemiological situation. If hospitals are overcrowded, access to these party venues will be restricted to vaccinated people only.

FRANCE – In the Paris region, disruption of care for one in three inhabitant

More than a third of the 12 million inhabitants of the Paris region have canceled or postponed care since the start of the health crisis, according to a study by the Paris Region Institute published on Tuesday.

This mainly concerned dental care, but also gynecological consultations, those of general practitioners or ophthalmologists. The delays in obtaining an appointment and the fear of catching Covid-19 are the main reasons given.

NETHERLANDS – Compulsory sanitary pass for toilets in bars

While customers of Dutch cafes are not required to present a sanitary pass when having a drink or dining on the terrace, they will soon have to do so to use the toilet, the Minister of Health announced on Monday.

Last week, Dutch authorities relaxed restrictions related to Covid-19, including ending the rule of physical distancing, but announced the introduction of a health pass for bars, restaurants and festivals .

In the Netherlands, the QR code, which certifies that the person has been vaccinated, is compulsory from the age of 13.

AUSTRALIA – Violent protests both cause and effect of construction closures

Melbourne riot police in south-eastern Australia used pepper spray and rubber bullets to disperse a violent protest by opponents of compulsory Covid vaccination for workers in the construction as most construction sites were abruptly closed in the city.

At least three police officers were injured and more than 40 people arrested, according to Shane Patton, police chief of the state of Victoria, of which Melbourne is the capital. Some 500 police officers had been deployed. Several journalists have been assaulted.

More than a thousand demonstrators gathered in Melbourne to protest against the vaccination obligation on construction sites. [STRINGER – REUTERS]

More than a thousand demonstrators in construction shoes and jackets have taken to the center of Australia’s second largest city, launching flares, throwing bottles and attacking police cars, chanting slogans against vaccines and containment.

It was the second such protest in two days, after around 100 construction workers on Monday smashed windows in central Melbourne. In mid-September, more than 200 arrests had been made and police officers injured during violent clashes with demonstrators opposed to the confinement.

VIETNAM – Purchase of Cuban vaccine Abdala

Vietnam and Cuba agreed on Monday on the purchase by the Asian country of 10 million doses of the Cuban vaccine against the coronavirus Abdala, which it has just approved for emergency use.

The first deal covers five million doses, but the Vietnamese government has already issued a resolution authorizing the purchase of 10 million doses of Abdala, Cuban media reported.

Vietnam on Saturday became the first country, outside Cuba, to approve emergency use of the Abdala vaccine, as it faces a serious resurgence of contaminations.

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