Women with high testosterone masturbate more than average

Women with high testosterone masturbate more than average
Women with high testosterone masturbate more than average

A recent study points to the differences in sexual behavior of men and women according to their testosterone levels. In women, this behavior would be influenced by social factors.

Chez men and women alike, testosterone plays a determining role in sexual desire. So far, nothing new. What is less known is that this hormone influences our sexual behavior differently depending on our biological sex. A study, published at the beginning of the week in the scientific journal The Journal of Sex Research and shelled by Slate, is precisely interested in this phenomenon. Its results are surprising.

If in men, a high testosterone level seems to be linked to a desire to multiply sexual partners, women on the other hand tend to masturbate more than the average.. To draw this conclusion, the team of researchers, led by Wendy Macdowall, a professor at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, looked at the level of testosterone collected in the saliva of 1,599 men and 2,123 women aged between 18 and 74 years old.

Why do women masturbate more when their testosterone levels are high?

If we look at the study in more detail, we learn that men with high testosterone are also more likely to have had more than one partner at the same time in the past five years and recent heterosexual vaginal intercourse. In women with more testosterone, masturbation was more frequent but also more recent than women with a “traditional” rate. High rates have also been found in women who have had at least one intimate relationship with another woman.

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As rightly pointed out Slate, the strength of this study is that it does more than shed light on the role that testosterone plays in women – a phenomenon that is not well studied by science. Here, the researchers attempted to explain Why it impacted the fairer sex differently. Why, in men, does a high level of this hormone result in more sexual relations, when women “just” masturbate?

The scientists’ hypothesis is as follows: in women, sexual behavior is influenced by social factors – if women choose to masturbate more to satisfy their libido, it would be because of the risk of social stigma.

“Sexual behavior is a complex phenomenon, which is socially constructed and which fits into larger cultural structures, which may limit expression and establish gendered expectations of what is ‘appropriate’ and ‘socially accepted’“, summarizes the study. In other words, women would resort to solitary pleasure so as not to be judged by society.

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