nurse at La Rochelle hospital, Judith, unvaccinated, will soon be suspended

nurse at La Rochelle hospital, Judith, unvaccinated, will soon be suspended
nurse at La Rochelle hospital, Judith, unvaccinated, will soon be suspended

The government had given caregivers a little time to allow a vaccination against Covid-19 to be initiated. After this Friday, October 15, employees who do not have a complete vaccination cycle (a booster dose for those who have already had the disease, or two doses for others) will be summoned by their management for an interview to be suspended from activity. , and salary. Many establishments, including the La Rochelle hospital group, will follow these national guidelines, while still trying on a case-by-case basis, with leave if necessary.

Some employees refuse vaccination, and others have resigned themselves to it, out of obligation. A situation that sometimes generates tension and discomfort. This is the case for Judith *, a caregiver from the woman-child center at La Rochelle hospital, who was recently vaccinated with a first dose. A step, reluctantly. After October 15, she will still be suspended from activity, and deprived of salary until the beginning of November, the time to have the second necessary dose. Interview for France Bleu La Rochelle.

* The first name has been changed

France Bleu La Rochelle: How do you cope with this compulsory vaccination to go to work?

Judith : I feel attacked in my body and some of my colleagues, also when it comes to talking about it. It is an attack on the body, an attack on the person.

You were not given a choice. Is that what goes wrong?

Yes, you had to get vaccinated. The choice? It was short lived. With the sentence of suspension of salary, when we know that in hospitals, employees do not generally earn a lot of money, we cannot resist for long without money. Deprived of a salary, we automatically know that most employees will not be able to get by. So we can’t really talk about choice.

How do you experience all of this, on a personal basis, with your family as well?

It’s very complicated. It clouded my thoughts for a very long time. I had trouble sleeping. I had a lot of questions at home. We talked about it a lot. The children were very sorry to feel excluded from society. Why do mom and dad make these choices, these decisions? We talked about it a lot. I didn’t get much sleep, I had high blood pressure, I was starting to burn out. Complicated…

Being vaccinated against Covid-19 does not prevent being a carrier and transmitting the virus!

But isn’t there a certain form of collective responsibility in getting vaccinated? Covid 19 is the first nosocomial disease in hospital. Some come for an operation, catch the disease, and sometimes die from it.

What I do not understand is that we are asked to be vaccinated. When you are vaccinated, you can be a carrier, and still transmit the disease. I don’t understand why forcing caregivers to get vaccinated if they can still transmit it. Me, I have the impression that, suddenly, the nursing staff is obliged to be vaccinated for something else. What I believe is that above all to allow the hospital to have staff available. When we say that a nurse vaccinated Covid +, asymptomatic comes to work, I find it surprising. If we want to protect the population and prevent the transmission of this virus, this should not be the case.

The vaccine obligation will mark my professional life. The return to work will not be like before.

You will be suspended until the beginning of November. The time will be long. It is almost a time for reflection too, when you are finally forced to stay alone at home, deprived of your job, and of your salary as well. It is a period that will not necessarily be very easy to live either. Is it a moment that you dread?

Yes, this is a moment that I dread. On the one hand, because I really like my job. Suddenly, staying at home, it’s true that I need rest, recover from a lack of sleep, but I love this job, and I really miss it. I like what I do. And then, I also feel guilty about my children, my husband. Put my home in financial and psychological jeopardy. There, doing the first dose of the vaccine a few days ago, I know that everything will be back to normal soon. This path of vaccination that I did not want, that was imposed on me rocked my life and that of my family. It will mark my professional life. The return to work will not be like before.

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