The Grésivaudan vaccination center has found its audience

The Grésivaudan vaccination center has found its audience
The Grésivaudan vaccination center has found its audience

The Grésivaudan vaccination center, managed by the Community of municipalities, with the town of Crolles and the ARS, has taken over the snack bar and the squash-covered court of the Crolles swimming pool. A team of 11 people, 3 doctors and 3 nurses per shift, 3 administrative staff, a maintenance agent and a coordinator, receive patients.

The entrance to the Grésivaudan vaccination center © Radio France
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On average, per day, 120 people who come from Grésivaudan but also from Chambéry, Voiron or Trièves frequent the place. They are welcomed with or without an appointment and vaccinated with Pfizer. And this Tuesday evening, October 19, the center opened until 10 p.m. “We are doing a test. We expect at least 50 people. “ explains Sandrine Perdrix, the coordinating nurse of the center. “We believe that in the evening, it is easier for some active people to come and be vaccinated than during the day. If it works, we will repeat the experience. “

Ultimately, 21 people came to this night.

The secretariat has been installed in the snack bar of the Crolles swimming pool! © Radio France
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But, in the waiting room, that afternoon, it was a majority of retirees, including several couples, who expect receive their third dose. “We came here because it’s easy to get to, we don’t have to wait too long and the staff are friendly. But for the flu shot, we’ll wait a bit. We don’t want to do everything at the same time.“admits this woman. Another is there to receive her first dose. “I’m not against vaccination, I was just a little careless. But here it is, let’s go ! I will come back for the second injection “

Patients are received by a nurse, in a tent for some privacy © Radio France
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Sandrine Perdrix, the coordinating nurse of the Grésivaudan vaccination center, did not not noticed an influx of people since the PCR test was paid. “People who do not want to be vaccinated are willing to pay for a test if necessary. No, we mainly do third doses and we have vaccinated quite a few middle and high school students.”

Another mission of the center, since the start of the week, he has been receiving Pfizer doses from the CHU Grenoble Alpes which he then redistributes to private practitioners and pharmacies.

The center will now work on set up a mobile unit, for home vaccination of dependent people who cannot travel.

666 injections were performed the first week of October, 752 the second. On Tuesday, a total of 167 people were vaccinated.

Usual opening hours: 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. / 1:30 p.m. to 5 p.m.

We can also call the 04 76 77 58 63.

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