The government strengthens the therapeutic arsenal

It is one of the most visible parts of femininity. Unfortunately, when the cells panic, the breasts become a source of fragility and the object of so much drama for many women. Even though in a word game the combination can be dunce, cancer is still a terrifying disease. Breast cancer is most common in women.

“In Côte d’Ivoire, 3,306 new cases were diagnosed in 2020 with 1,785 deaths,” lamented the coordinator of the National Cancer Control Program, Prof. Innocent Adoubi.

At the Alassane Ouattara National Center for Medical Oncology and Radiotherapy (CNRAO) opened in 2018, out of the 5589 patients received, there are 1076 cases of breast cancer.

Behind these figures, there are so many lives that falter and sink too often.

Dame MS has lost her daughter torn from her love by breast cancer.

“My daughter died the day after her birthday. She was barely 35 years old. She did not have time to get married, to have children, ”this mother still sobs, marked forever by the days of shared suffering. Faced with this serious pathology, families are destitute and helpless. For many women, for many years, these six letters brought together mercilessly signed their death warrant.

Fortunately, on the front line, the sky is clearing. Warriors or survivors, supported by the therapeutic arsenal that the State places at their disposal, women fight with rage for their lives and surely in the name of all those who have fallen with arms in hand.

And in this month of October with the hues of life that wants to be resistant, women speak to hold high the hope. A hope that allows you to dream of a rosy life despite cancer …

Concrete actions that restore hope to patients

Indeed, thanks to the efforts already made and the actions announced by the government, women are assured of not engaging in a losing war. The State has strengthened the therapeutic arsenal to allow women unfortunately affected to face the disease by putting all the chances on their side.

“Breast cancer can be treated entirely in Côte d’Ivoire and under good conditions with a technical platform that meets international standards and a multidisciplinary team,” says the director of the CNRAO, Pr Judith Didi-Kouko Coulibaly. The opening of the CNRAO marks an important turning point in the management of cancer in Côte d’Ivoire. Before this center, all patients had to go outside for radiotherapy.

“After chemotherapy, I had surgery and had to do radiation therapy. Unfortunately, this was not possible in Côte d’Ivoire. We had to find support to go outside. I was distraught. The opening of the CNRAO gave hope to the patients ”, relates Dame PA

For many patients, the center has therefore made it easier to diagnose and treat. It also offers them studied financial accessibility modalities. From the opening of the center until the end of September 2021, 1,244 people who requested support were supported for an amount of approximately 1.2 billion. 119 patients were fully supported by the Presidency of the Republic to the tune of 29,564,000 FCFA. 316 patients benefited from the assistance of the Ministry’s Health Council to the tune of more than CFAF 362 million. 809 patients were able to start their treatment when they did not have the means.

Aware of the psychological and financial burden that this disease represents, the State, in recent years, has been working to make all anti-cancer drugs free.

At the launch of the Pink October campaign in 2017, the government announced the free admission of three drugs used for the treatment of the most frequent cancers (breast, cervix, ovary, colon, rectum, brain, kidney, etc.).

After this first step, the government wants to make innovative and extremely expensive drugs available to patients free of charge.

The Minister of Health, Public Hygiene and Universal Health Coverage, Pierre Dimba, announced at the launch of Pink October 2021 that the government will invest 20 billion FCFA to make certain therapeutic protocols accessible. But already, it should be noted that within the framework of agreements with partners and medical laboratories, the government has succeeded in reducing the cost of the protocols evaluated from 1.5 million to 150,000 F CFA.

All these actions combine to bring to women this message of hope which makes the call for early detection audible.

And above all to strip the cursed crab of its deadly claws. So that, as this year’s theme “prophesies”, women can someday casually say, “I have breast cancer, so what? », Because they are convinced of going to war with the favors of the prognosis.

Adolphe Angoua

Source : Cicg

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