Football: the referees are indignant at the remarks of JP Corteggiani made after TVEC-St Nazaire

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Published on 21 Sep 21 at 11:09

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The Vendée Arbitrators wanted to react to Jean-Pierre Corteggiani’s comments. © Guillaume Laurens

The friendly football referees (UNAF 85) is indignant at the remarks made by Jean-Pierre Corteggiani, coach of TVEC 85 towards the referees, at the end of the first match of R1, lost 0-1 against the SNAF.

Jean-Pierre Corteggiani commented on the meeting as follows:

“It’s an arbitration error that destroys two months of preparation. It is an unjustified defeat as the goal that we take. I told the players that they had a very good game. That they didn’t deserve to lose this game. I can’t fault them, they did what they had to do. They had more chances than the opponent, but they lose the match not being protected by the referee. The meeting took place in a good state of mind. It is really a shame that an act of arbitration reverses the result of a match! “

To enlighten the players, spectators present, and readers, the UNAF 85 specifies that it is in possession “An amateur video which shows the correctness of the arbitration decision, and therefore not to lift the offside implicated by Mr. Corteggiani. Since the offside is judged at the start of the ball, at the kick of the teammate, in the direction of the striker of the Nazairian club, who is quite alone in the middle of the Sablaise defense. “

The National Union of Football Referees specifies that it “Cannot condone such an unfounded epidermal reaction from Mr. Corteggiani to the referees, by making them fully responsible for the score of this match, and by easily clearing the players and the technical staff of the TVEC of this defeat. It’s not acceptable ! “

Before adding “the referees, in all good faith, are sportsmen, recognized at their level, who ensure the protection, the safety of the actors and the fair application of the laws of the game, in a state of mind of courtesy and benevolence.

The referees do not comment on the players or the technique… Why go after the referee? Even frustrated or under pressure, as we like to explain today, the referees do not have to go through this. The recruitment of referees, which is difficult today, and these vehemences do not help, of loyalty, refereeing, sport and football. “

Christophe Peaudeau concludes thus: “Our football does not need these comments which tarnish our sport, but rather support for concrete actions by institutional bodies, associations and clubs committed to respect and fair play between all players in football. “

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