Roxana Maracineanu calls for “individual sanctions”

Like Bixente Lizarazu, interviewed by franceinfo, the Minister in charge of Sports Roxana Maracineanu advocated on Tuesday on BFMTV to resort to “individual sanctions” against football supporters in the event of an incident, prompting clubs to part ways with “aficionados” with whom they did not want “get angry so far”.

“The League reacted quickly and sternly and that’s the right thing to do”, she said when asked about the precautionary sanction pronounced Monday by the disciplinary committee of the Professional Football League (LFP) behind closed doors in Lens for at least two matches, pending the investigation of “serious overflows “ Saturday between Lensois and Lille supporters.

She urged “to establish a stronger dialogue” between football clubs and supporters’ associations, advocating“move towards more individual sanctions”. “We should not punish a whole stadium, a whole group of supporters, because there are excesses which concern a few people in a stadium”, she said.

“It is also necessary that the clubs dare to part with certain ‘aficionados’ who bring a certain number of subscribers and supporters, with whom, historically, the clubs have not wanted to get angry”, she asserted. “The paraphernalia of sanctions exists and it is not sufficiently activated, I will talk about it soon with my colleagues from the Interior and Justice, it is still necessary that there are complaints that are filed.“, she added again.

“We have to think together with the clubs, it is their duty to ensure safety with their stewards, the training of stewards, who may have lost the habit of being there (…)”, did she say. “Since the start of the season, we have deplored four matches with such incidents “, she regretted, which “spoils the emotions and the passion that the supporters were happy to find in the stadiums”, slipping in passing that the State had well helped the clubs financially during the crisis in particular to compensate for the losses of ticketing receipts.


Roxana Maracineanu calls individual sanctions

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