The crazy reason Steph Curry’s mother is fining him!

The crazy reason Steph Curry’s mother is fining him!
The crazy reason Steph Curry’s mother is fining him!

Kent Smith / Keith Birmingham

Stephen Curry is making a simply monstrous start to the season with his Warriors and he is reassuring about the ambitions of his franchise. But if he is exceptional, a small element of his game disturbs his mother, to such an extent that she must give him fines!

Stephen Curry has a goal announced this season: get a new MVP title, and why not the second unanimous. An objective in total adequacy with his beginning of the season since the leader of the Warriors is in the continuity of the last exercise, with the only difference that he finally chains the victories with his Warriors. Golden State is undefeated and convincing at the moment, and it could go on.

Stephen Curry must pay his losses

Despite this enormous form of the moment and his place at the top of the Western Conference, Steph Curry still has a small margin of progress in a very specific area: ball losses. Over the first three games of his team, he turns at 4.3 turnovers on average, the biggest total in his career, which obviously costs him money! In any case, this is what Rick Barry, legend of the Bay, revealed in a podcast.

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I think his biggest problem with losing balls is that he tries too often to pass through traffic. When you’re in traffic you don’t want to try too crazy things because there are always arms and legs that are on the pass lines. It is necessarily more dangerous.

I’m going to have to call his mother, Sonya, because she’s fining him. He has to give his mother money for every ball loss he commits on the field. We will have to increase the amount of the fine he has to pay, even though I do not know if an amount will be high enough to completely dissuade him from taking such risks.

Stephen Curry is a whimsical player, which some have long criticized him for. So inevitably, caught in the euphoria of a meeting and carried by the atmosphere, he sometimes tries risky passes, which can result in a loss of the ball. But it’s folklore that Warriors fans have come to live with, and he probably wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Stephen Curry is a family man, the leader of his franchise, but he still has to answer to his mom. The slightest loss of a bullet obviously amounts to a small fine, and therefore pocket money for Sonya.

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