Tour de France: “the typical menu” of Julian Alaphilippe during the Grande Boucle

Tour de France: “the typical menu” of Julian Alaphilippe during the Grande Boucle
Tour de France: “the typical menu” of Julian Alaphilippe during the Grande Boucle

Julian Alaphilippe is hungry for victories. And on the Tour de France, the tricolor world champion can count on the chef of the Deceunink-Quick-Step team Riet Van de Velde, who, supplied every day with fresh products by Lidl, cooks him meals to satisfy his appetite for success. As on the 2nd stage or by the arrival on the Champs-Élysées (July 18).

His breakfast

Pancakes with jam, an omelet (“with more egg whites than yolks is better!”), Bread, a banana, strawberry, blueberry smoothie, an applesauce crumble and a coffee .

Julian Alaphilippe: “Like many cyclists, coffee is my favorite drink! My breakfast menu may vary depending on the profile of the stage. If it is flat, they add ham and cheese to my omelet. I even have the right to peanut butter in these cases! I love that. I can also vary with salmon and avocado. On mountain days, it’s a more sporty breakfast that is low in fat and fiber. The fibers add unwanted water weight for stages with collars. I also avoid cold meats, beans in sauce, cheese… These are bad fats that are not recommended. And I’m not a fan of muesli, oat puddings… even if that is very recommended, for example. ”

His snack before departure

Pancakes or energy cakes (cake low in fat and high in carbohydrates, combination of glucose and fructose, etc.).

Julian Alaphilippe: “Like breakfast, it gives the body enough fuel for the race. I also try to consume fruits rich in sugars such as bananas, grapes, mangoes … which are better than red / forest fruits because they are low in carbohydrates and you have to take a large amount to have the same intake. carbohydrates than bananas for example. Dried fruits are also perfect. We have a partnership with Lidl, which supplies our chef Riet Van de Velde every day with fresh products, especially fruit. ”

His diet during the race

Energy bars / gels and isotonic drinks.

Julian Alaphippe: “It’s really important to start eating from the first 20-30 minutes of the race. We start early in order to save the glycogen reserve in the muscles for the second part. Then there will be less blood going to the digestive system and digestion will be more difficult. This is also the reason why gels are recommended from the second part of the stage and solid food first. On the other hand, foods high in fat and fiber are not recommended during the race because they can cause gastrointestinal problems. “

His meal on arrival

Water to refresh and recover as well as a gel very rich in proteins. Then a meal with carbohydrates and proteins (20-25 g) like chicken, cooked ham, eggs, tuna.

Julian Alaphilippe: “Sometimes, if the race wasn’t too exhausting, there are also wraps and tubs of granola yogurt. But my favorite sin is the Bolognese pasta! “

His dinner

A “small” salad as a starter, pasta (sometimes risotto, rice, gnocchi …), meat or fish with some vegetables, and a fruit-based dessert.

Julian Alaphilippe: “Everything is calculated by a nutritionist. But it can happen that we have the right to a little pleasure. Especially if the stage has been hard, I need it mentally. In case of victory, the menu remains the same because the next day we leave and it is not recommended to splurge. But we can have a dessert and a glass of champagne! ”

His cute sin

Apricot tart with a fresh pistachio paste.

Julian Alaphilippe: “I have the right to do so when I win a stage! Or the day before a day off. “

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