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Formula 1 | The 2021 season ‘exceeds all expectations’, F1 more popular than ever?

The clash between Red Bull and Mercedes, and between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, remains fascinating from race to race and does not fail to provoke a lot of spectacle and controversy – so that the 2021 season could become a real one. “Classic” selon Ross Brawn.

Stefano Domenicali, Ross Brawn’s supervisor, recently congratulated Liberty Media shareholders and investors on the show on offer this year and its intensity. From a financial and commercial point of view, the clash at the top between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen has all the arguments that fly!

“The 2021 season exceeds all expectations; each time, on the track, we can see the Grands Prix bringing spectacle and the unexpected. The Hungarian Grand Prix did not disappoint. “

“The rivalry between Lewis and Max continues to be tight, gaining momentum for the championship, with the high point of Silverstone, Mercedes being, at the time of the summer break, slightly ahead in the standings. “

“And the battle for third place is very close between Norris, Bottas and Perez. This rivalry and uncertainty are just as strong between Red Bull and Mercedes for first place and McLaren and Ferrari for third. “

Increased popularity of the discipline

The consequence of this abundant spectacle is not long in coming for Stefano Domenicali: the public is there, whether in front of the televisions or on the track, with a Grand Prix at Silverstone which was sold out.

“Formula 1 keeps its promises and the fans are there. We have a full audience at Silverstone, showing 366,000 people over the weekend, with the 120,000 people who attended the new sprint qualifying. This affluence is unmatched in sport. And she was certainly helped by the close fight for the championship. “

The popularity of F1 is still very strong in Europe, but also in the United States, the priority market of the American firm Liberty Media. Stefano Domenicali is particularly pleased with the sales of derivative products across the Atlantic, which demonstrates both the “Netflix effect” and “the Hamilton effect versus Verstappen”.

“The US market is the most important in terms of sales on the F1 side, underscoring the increased progression of the sport in the country, and stimulating our goal of reaching more American audiences. “

Another consequence of this popularity of F1: the demand to host new races has never been so strong according to Stefano Domenicali.

“The demand to host Formula 1 races remains very high, as evidenced by the sites that were able to quickly fill the slots in 2021. We will still have interest in the new sites that are currently part of the 2021 calendar and in the existing sites that are open to hosting a race. “

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