MotoGP Misano 1 D3 Debriefing Álex Rins (Suzuki / Ab.): “The Ducatis are several cubits above us”, etc. (Entirety)

MotoGP Misano 1 D3 Debriefing Álex Rins (Suzuki / Ab.): “The Ducatis are several cubits above us”, etc. (Entirety)
MotoGP Misano 1 D3 Debriefing Álex Rins (Suzuki / Ab.): “The Ducatis are several cubits above us”, etc. (Entirety)

This Sunday, September 19, 2021, Álex Rins answered questions from journalists from the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli, at the end of the Grand Prix Octo di San Marino and the Riviera di Rimini.

We went to listen (via teleconference software) to the words of the Spanish driver, who was once again forced to retire after a crash.

As usual, here we report the words of Álex Rins without any formatting.

Alex, can you come back to your run?

” And we put aside my accident, I had a good race and I had a good pace. I tried to follow Enea Bastianini and I must say that he was very strong throughout the race. He passed me. He had the ability to brake later than me and bring his bike to a good stop. »

” I have tried to follow him in the first part of the race, when I was battling Pol Espargaró, and my feelings were pretty good then. I had nothing to lose and I was pushing to the limit. Unfortunately, I lost the front in the first corner … »

Didn’t you try to do too much by pursuing Enea Bastianini when you had your accident?

“It is didn’t try to overdo it. I was consistent in my lap times throughout the race. The lap before my fall, I had already had a great fright in turn 2, and I was close to losing the front. I had only saved the day by using my elbow. »

« A From there I said to myself that I had to be more careful, but I don’t know why on the next lap I braked so late, and there it was not forgiven because I lost the front. But that’s all in the past, and now we need to focus on the two days of testing ahead. We need to test new parts to prepare well for next year. »

Your fall resembles those you suffered at the start of the season. In the race you certainly seem comfortable on your bike, but your bike is not really capable of winning. Are you forced to take reckless risks to hope to win races this year?

” As you said it, I have a pretty good pace, but the Ducatis are clearly several cubits above us. They are really very strong. As far as my accident goes, the problem is that I tried to keep pace with them. »

« Joan Mir and I have really tried to do our best with the Suzuki. But the point is that our approaches are different in the sense that Joan is fighting for the championship while I have nothing more to lose. In this sense I play more with the limits, and sometimes it does not work and I fall. »

During the race there were a lot of warnings about the limits of the track, and it was obviously very difficult to stay on track. Do you have an explanation for this?

” Frankly I drove at the limit from the start to try to overtake the other riders. At a certain point in the race, I said to myself that I really needed to breathe a little, because I had pain in my neck and arms: I was really at the limit. I was really into trying to get past the others. »

“At one point I said to myself that I had to breathe a bit: I was really at the limit”

So you were so at the limit that it was difficult for you to control the few centimeters that make you exceed the limits of the route?

” It is exactly that: We always drive at the limit, but as soon as you do a little more, you move onto the green part of the track. The new sensors are now so sensitive that they forgive no deviations. You only have to see what happened to Joan to see that it is very easy to see yourself downgraded. Usually I’m not the type of pilot to venture on the green part, but sometimes it can still happen when you are on the limit. »

“The new sensors are so sensitive that they do not forgive any deviation”

When you say that the Ducatis are several cubits above you, are you talking only about this Grand Prix or in a more general way?

” They are really better than us. In the past, Ducatis were especially efficient on so-called “stop-and-go” tracks, that is to say mainly composed of acceleration and braking phases. But now they are showing a good level on all tracks. In Aragón for example, Pecco Bagnaia had a fantastic race defeating Marc Márquez, and it was also the case in Misano. »

Does it make you fear the future to see that the Ducatis are now also in a position to win on all circuits, besides Yamaha?

” The is certain that we will have to work very hard during the coming preseason. Moreover, this preseason will begin this week with the two days of testing planned. We will have to improve on our bike to try to beat them in the future. »

“The 2022 preseason starts this week with the two days of testing planned”

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