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“The lights went out”

“The lights went out”
“The lights went out”

Posted on Wednesday, August 18, 2021 at 7:32 p.m.

By Sudinfo

This moment shocked the football world. At the start of the Euro, Christian Eriksen suddenly collapsed to the ground in Denmark’s first game against Finland. Jente Van Genechten, 25, went through the same thing in a cup match. “Suddenly the lights went out for a while. That’s all I remember. “

According to medics, Jente Van Genechten went into cardiac arrest after briefly losing consciousness on the pitch during a game with his new team, Lanaken. “Fortunately, my heart recovered quickly,” said the young player to Het Belang van Limburg. “It’s like I’m waking up. For a while I even thought about continuing to play, but everyone advised me against it. “

The players and the referee flocked to help the player, but he was able to get off the pitch on his own. His heartbeat was irregular and together with his mother who is a nurse in Genk, they went to the hospital. The cardiologists of Genk and Louvain took no risk and after an examination, they decided to implant a defibrillator. The operation is scheduled for August 31. “It always seems like an eternity, but it’s not a bad thing. I feel good right now, although the nurses who constantly check my heart are amazed. “

Now Jente is having a hard time figuring out what happened to him. “This is the first time that my heart has really stopped beating. I do not understand why. Last week I took part in a quarterfinal triathlon for the first time in my life. And the match itself only lasted about ten minutes, so the effort was really minimal. He is on the mend, but caution remains in order. During the first six months, it is out of the question to play sports. Jente does not know that he will be able to practice competitive contact sports again one day. “My health is essential, of course, but not being able to practice competitive sport any longer would be a big blow. “



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