Samsung doesn’t need to partner with a camera builder

Samsung doesn’t need to partner with a camera builder
Samsung doesn’t need to partner with a camera builder

Olympus has denied rumors that it was working with Samsung to design the photo module for future Galaxy S22s.

The photo module of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra // Source: Arnaud Gelineau – Frandroid

It has become a real marketing argument on the side of smartphone manufacturers. In recent years, they have entered into partnerships with various manufacturers of lenses or cameras to highlight the capabilities of their photo modules.

We were thus entitled to Zeiss partner of Nokia then Vivo, Leica with Huawei and Sharp, Hasselblad with OnePlus or Oppo with Kodak. According to some rumors in the corridors, even Samsung, the world number one in the market, would have yielded to this type of argument thanks to a partnership with the Japanese Olympus. Last April, the Ice Universe leaker indicated that Samsung would collaborate with Olympus for its next smartphones, with first results expected for the Samsung Galaxy S22. “Olympus could help Samsung in particular on color management and image processing, as Hasselblad did with OnePlus on the OnePlus 9 range”, said Sam Mobile. In addition, other rumors reported that the Korean manufacturer would work with the case maker to develop photo sensor stabilization technology for its next high-end smartphones.

A partnership denied by Olympus

But ultimately, it would not be. The Dutch site LetsGoDigital took care to contact Olympus to find out about a potential partnership between the two brands: “The Japanese camera maker told us that there was no collaboration between Olympus and Samsung. It remains uncertain whether there have been discussions about a potential collaboration in the past. In any case, the photo module of the Samsung Galaxy S22 range will not be developed in collaboration with Olympus ”.

Same story on the side of Android Authority who again questioned Olympus: “The only official communication that I can give you from our side on this subject is that, from our point of view, there is nothing to talk about and nothing to announce”.

While the idea of ​​Samsung teaming up with a reputable camera manufacturer is convincing given the many partnerships of this type in the industry, it is not certain that this is the strategy. more relevant for the Korean manufacturer. Indeed, Samsung has long been one of the most renowned smartphone manufacturers – alongside Apple, Huawei and Google – in the field of smartphone photography. Over the years, he has thus been able to create a true photo signature, with saturated blues and greens that flatter the retina. It is therefore hard to imagine Samsung completely changing course and dissolving its expertise in a partnership with a third-party manufacturer.


Samsung doesnt partner camera builder

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